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Sunchase drops his impressive debut album “Static Nitro” on Drone Audio …
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Alexander Pavlenko is a name that might not be familiar to many of you. While those in the drum & bass know may recognise his Sunchase alias. His releases have always lingered on the underground edge and despite clocking up releases on the seminal Moving Shadow, amongst other impressive labels, his music has yet to […]

Daniel Avery
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Five years after his critically acclaimed debut Drone Logic, London-based producer Daniel Avery has announced the release of his highly anticipated second album Song For Alpha, set for release on 6th April 2018. In the years since his debut, Avery has helmed a DJ-Kicks mix CD, resided over a monthly radio show for NTS Live, […]

Hior Chronik – Out Of The Dust
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Image: 1611981 7K present Out of the Dust the stunning new album from Hior Chronik.

A1 Whispers From The Surface Of A Lake
A2 Cosmos
A3 Black Sea And Red Sky
A4 Stories That Never Been Said
A5 Magnolia
B1 Remember
B2 Foreigner in a Strange World
B3 Nothing Can Replace You
B4 In A Parallel Universe
B5 Corridor of Life
B6 That Mistery Again

Seductive and cinematic soundscapes between ambient, drone and
indie-neoclassical music: these are the best words to describe Hior
Chronik’s style. A style that captures ears and soul, bringing you into an
imaginary world, arousing emotions, making the mind wander to distant
places. This is the goal of the Greek musician, now living half of the year
in Athens and the other half in Berlin. You can hear it in his new record “Out
Of The Dust”, produced by himself, mixed by John Vallasis and mastered
by Francesco Donadello at Calyx Studio, Berlin.
“I tried to combine ambient and drone sounds with strings and piano
following a harmonic direction”, Chronik explains. “I wanted to make a
soundtrack for a movie that was never shot”. The mood is melancholic, but
not only that: “There’s a dark side, but I made it run parallel with bright soft
melodies”, Chronik continues. And on the topic of his music influences:
“It’s hard to specify what exactly they were, but I think I’m close to Max
Richter and in some ways to Arvo Part. Besides that, true inspiration
comes from my life experiences, even the small little things: books, films,
people I meet, travels. And being close to nature: I would say that’s the
base of everything”.
After three solo records and two in collaboration with Arovane, Chronik is
now ready to launch his new work “Out of The Dust”. “The title is a political
quote about how we can fight against the crisis, but also against the
existential anguish of surviving. A movement of no fear and the beginning
of a new life”, he explains. On how he developed the songs, he says: “I
recorded piano, trumpet and strings in their analogic sound, then I used
effects as I always do for the ambient and drone sounds”.
“Out Of The Dust” shows a personal and unique style that brings Hior
Chronik’s music to a wider audience. His sound is able to embrace at the
same time the delicate piano themes and the dark ambient/drone tones,
while at the same time searching for new territories to explore in the
neo-classical scene.

• First indie classica, minimalistic, drone release on 7K!
• Mastered by Francesco Donadello at Calyx
• full world audiovisual tour with piano, computers, strings and trumpet

Olafur Arnalds, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Johann Johanassson, Eluvium, Deaf Center, Dustin O’Halloran Available from 01.12.2017

Daniel Avery
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Tags: , ,
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“Electronic music is unique in that, whilst it has an immediate effect on the body, the culture surrounding it has the ability to run deep into your life. Whenever I’m in a club, I want to give myself up to music. This is the very thing that excites me the most. Witnessing a DJ create […]

Sei A – Space In Your Mind
Friday, February 5th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Sei A – Space In Your Mind

Image: 1601766 AUS music/!K7 is proud to announce Space
In Your Mind, the third album from UK artist,
Sei A. After two years in the making, Aus Music
and !K7 are proud to announce the release
of Scottish producer Sei A’s third full length,
Space in Your Mind. Two singles from the ten
track opus—‘Ancestors’ and ‘Space In Your
Mind’, complete with DJ Tennis remixes—will
come ahead of the full release on February
26th 2016.
Sei A is Andy Graham, an ever-evolving
producer who has cooked up many different
shades of house and techno since emerging in
2008. From dark and melodic to well swung and
bass heavy, he is not one to repeat the same
trick twice as two former LPs and more than
15 EPs on labels like Turbo, Life And Death,
Kompakt and Aus/Simple have proved before
now. As if to cement the point, this full length
finds Graham straying from the dance floor
to cook up a fulsome album that stands up
to introspective home listening.
“The LP came from writing a lot of music
in a short space of time,” says Graham. “I felt
I had grasped a sound and I wanted to expand it
further. Musically I was finding that the material
had much more space within the sound, with the
main structure of it being melodies, therefore
giving it quite a rich feel throughout. I was also
aiming to expand on writing actual songs that
take in verse/chorus, verse/chorus structures.”
And he has sure accomplished that, because
with the help of guest collaborators Will Samson
and Daudi Matsiko on four tracks, Space in Your
Mind is an absorbing listen with many melodies
and vocal lines lingering long in the memory.
There is a sombre feel to the album right
from the off. Opener ‘Always’ is a grainy, sparse
sonic landscape with fractured vocals and
dark drones eventually being cut through by
bright melodies. From there that pixelated
sense of melody continues through the bleak
ambience of ‘In The Light’ and ethereally back
lit glow of dark and dubby pop night ‘Space In
Your Mind.’ Full of shadowy spaces, greyscale
pads and comfortingly downbeat drums, tracks
like ‘Kalstar’ pick up the pace but remain
resolutely insular, whilst ‘Everytime’ is the
stunningly emotive jewel right at the heart of
the album. It marries forlorn and vulnerable
vocals with waify chords and downbeat synths
that are truly pained before ‘Everytime’ offers
a noteworthy break in the clouds with its vast
synth chords and heavenly vocals drifting in
perfect harmony. Then ’Ancestors’ features
more genuinely pained vocals amongst a dubby
brew of beats, ‘Morning Soldier’ conveys a real
sense of optimism after the darkness that has
gone before and from there the album plays
out through heavily hymnal atmospheres, heart
broken chords and teary eyed melody of the
sort that are truly moving.

1 | A1. Always
2 | A2. In The Light
3 | A3. Space In Your Mind (feat. Will Samson)
4 | B1. Kalstar
5 | B2. Linear
6 | C1. Everytime
7 | C2. Ancestors (feat. Will Samson)
8 | C3. Morning Soldier
9 | D1. Tides (feat. Will Samson)
10 | D2. Exit (feat. Daudi Matsiko)
11 | D3. Trails Of Gold

– Third Studio album from Andy Graham
featuring collaborators Will Samson &
Daudi Matsiko.
– Recorded & Mixed in London at Andy’s studio
& mastered at Optimum mastering in Bristol.
– Dj Tennis & Edward remix package to follow LP.
– Dj dates throughout Europe & USA in March/

Mano Le Tough, John Talabot, Lone, Bicep,
Caribou, Jamie XX, Howling, Apparat & Four Tet. Available from 18.03.2016

Daniel Avery
Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 | Tags: , ,
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“The one thing I knew was that I wanted this record to be a trip. All the best artists and DJs, they take the audience with them when they play; people lock into their world for a few hours and can’t easily step out again. You’re with them for the ride. When I go out, […]

Danny Kroha – Angels Watching Over Me
Saturday, January 24th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Danny Kroha – Angels Watching Over Me

As a mainstay on the Detroit music scene for over thirty years, Danny Kroha has consistently pushed himself to reinvention. As founding member of garage legends the Gories, he’s influenced countless imitators and poseurs. His axe work with Rocket 455 …

Monday, December 1st, 2014 | Tags: , ,
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Around a time when deep house music was imploding in on itself amidst a deluge of uninspiring loops, mindless repetition and utter disposability, Berlin’s Santé emerged as part of a wave of new producers with a different cut to their electronic jib. His productions ooze character, charisma, soul, colour, humour and above all a sense […]

Sly & Robbie – Dubrising
Thursday, November 20th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Sly & Robbie – Dubrising

Sly and Robbie’s Dubrising LP, which reunites the riddim killers with dub maestro extraordinaire Paul ”Groucho” Smykle for the first time in more than twenty years.Anyone unfamiliar with the work of former Island Records in-house mixing engineer Pau…

Various – Tomorrow’s Achievements: Parry Music Library 76-86
Thursday, August 28th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Tomorrow’s Achievements: Parry Music Library 76-86

Image: 1576792 This is Tomorrow’s Achievements, an exclusive Public Information foray into the Canadian Library institution, Parry Music. With access granted by founder John Parry Public Information have selected twenty-five of their favourite electronic tracks, an early autumn heat-wave of perfect melody. Parry Music was founded in Toronto, 1974 by John Parry and Chris Stone. John was formerly a manager of revered UK library Chappell Music and Chris was a Canadian music consultant, both brought some familiar musicians to the table.

Johnny Hawksworth, Robin Artus, Paul Kass, Nino Nardini (close allies with Roger Roger) are on board Tomorrow’s Achievements. At the same time, a little known Canadian Library musician who features heavily, Harry Forbes. Forbes is the real driving force of P.I.’s Parry-Love, a master of imminent, hummable melody, sublime synth miniatures baked in sweetness.

Elsewhere, the other players in proto-Balearic house, groovy electronic disco, spooked choral drone, freaked-modular scorch and weird Radiophonic bleep. These are the soundtracks to movie car chases never known, lost kids TV shows never realized, radio-ads never broadcast – music to make your ears sing for more.

A compliation put together piece by piece at Public Information HQ, lovingly re-mastered by Rashad at D&M, with artwork by Jack Featherstone.

A1. Dawn Light: Robin Artus
A2. Bio-Rhythm: Paul Kass
A3. Digits: Harry Forbes
A4: New Invention: Nino Nardini
A5 Solar Energy: Russ Walker
A6: Alpha Micro: Robin Artus / Paul Kass
A7: Builders 2: Harry Forbes
A8: Integrator: Hermann Langschwert
A9: Sonic Rhythm: Barry Schleifer
A10: Technomobile No.2: E Grenga / C Lawry / D Stevens
A11: Future Directions: Rick Miller
A12: Turbo Motion: Robin Artus / Paul Kass
A13: Automation: Robin Artus / Paul Kass
A14: Utilities: Harry Forbes
B1: The Beginning: Johnny Hawksworth
B2: Time Lapse: Harry Forbes
B3: Poseidon: Paul Williams
B4: Cuboid: Kerry Beaumont
B5: Remote Control: Harry Forbes
B6: Moving Patterns: Barry Schleifer
B7: Instroscan No.2: Paul Kass
B8: Communications : Harry Forbes
B9: Panorama No.2 : Robin Artus / Paul Kass
B10: Drone No.1: Harry Forbes
B11: Tomorrow’s Achievements: Harry Forbes Available from 08.08.2014

Daniel Avery
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 | Tags: , ,
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UK’s online music magazine FACT summed it up perfectly: “There’s no gimmick with Daniel Avery, no hook. He is, as his Discogs page puts it, a “DJ and producer from England.” And really, that should be the only hook you need. Since focusing on making music under his real name in the early ’10s (though […]

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 | Tags: , ,
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There are loads of rock bands making music for the dancefloor. Digitalism make electronic music that everyone can rock to. For the past two years, they have been the go-to men for indie remixes, having reworked the Klaxons, The Test Icicles, Cut Copy and The Futureheads. Digitalism is Jens Moelle & Ismail Tuefekci from Hamburg. […]

George Auric / Jean Prodromides – The Innocents / Blood & Roses (7”+MP3)
Thursday, November 21st, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on George Auric / Jean Prodromides – The Innocents / Blood & Roses (7”+MP3)

Image: 1585468 Not content with already liberating over twenty dedicated global horror and thriller soundtracks as part of the labels expansive discography, Finders Keepers Records resurrect their ghostly Finders Kreepers imprint, an apparition last spotted back in 2009 with the archival Willow’s Songs which exposed the original twisted folk music that inspired the seminal 1972 Wicker Man score. With an unwaning appetite for the rare and obscure side of the genre the labels next short series combines ten vintage recordings from the formative years or International horror introducing a host of bygone soundtrack musicians that combined folklore, musique concrète, early electronics, childlike vocals and flamboyant orchestras to accompany the surreal and hallucinogenic films that inaugurated and inspired the golden age of macabre fantastique cinema.

Sourcing a cross section of obscure global domestic pressings and under the radar vintage vinyl runs this Finders Kreepers reissue series combines a cross section of the rare/unknown and the seminal, bringing unobtainable sonic gems of both classic and uber-classic shock cinema to a discerning new generation of collectors.

Starting the series off on a good foot Finders Kreepers bring you a mysterious and beguiling piece of music that has enchanted and eluded fans of vintage horror for decades. A game changer for the new wave of British horror when it was originally released the most unnerving attribute of The Innocents was the recurring childlike song that haunted the corridors and gardens of a haunted house in between bursts of concrète effects and drones (made by an uncreditted Daphne Oram). A forerunner to a generation of lullaby lead horror scenes (such as Rosemary’s Baby and Profondo Rosso) whilst drawing comparison with other macabre music featuring minor maestros such as The Night Of The Hunter and The Wickerman, this song is an oft requested gem of a micro-genre which seldom passes through second hand record stores and bookshops undetected in its original vinyl form. Produced as an ambitious commercial tie-in for the release of the film in 1961 this elongated studio version sung by the lead Scottish born actress Isla Cameron (who many will also recognise as a prolific traditional folk singer on the early 60s) was casually marketed to a small audience of movie fans who perhaps liked the idea of bringing the ghost into their own house. This rare original studio version is one of the only ways to capture the short leading motif that has echoed, in limbo, through the consciousness of film enthusiasts for over five decades.

The alternate side to this debut Finders Kreepers 45 is the theme to another milestone of monochromatic European horror which despite its lifespan of re-distribution and edit room butchery has still failed to penetrate the mainstream DVD/Blu-ray market and stand up to be counted as the glaring influential landmark of the modern female vampire cinema genre that would spiral out of control throughout the following decade. Based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1872 vampyristic same-sex love story, Carmilla, the film Et mourir de plaisir (aka Blood And Roses) became director Roger Vadim’s fifth feature (directly following another French literary adaptation with Les liaisons dangereuses) and visually draws a line between Powell/Pressburger’s The Red Shoes and Jean Rollin’s Viol Du Vampire while sonically begging comparison to Francois de Roubaixs inspired Daughters Of Darkness soundtrack. Composed by Jean Prodromidès and abetted by sound designer Robert Biard the score reaches its memorable peak during a dream sequence montage combining graveyards, claustrophobic corridors and a bizarre clinical blood transfusion scene, all of which are enhanced by submerged sound effects and a restrained blood red colour tint (predating the likes of Shock Corridor, Rumble Fish or Schindler’s List) it is clear that fans of Rollin/Franco et al will be able retrace their bloodline with this lesser-spotted picture. Originally squeezed onto an obscure six track 7? at low volume for French only distribution this dream sequence theme has been remastered and presented in good company for a fresh Finders Kreepers audience. Available from 01.11.2013

Hejira – Litmus Test (Floating Points RMX)
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Image: 1584651 Formed in 2010, Hejira are Sam Beste, Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, Alexis Nunez and Alex Reeve – a group of Londoners with a diverse collective heritage spanning the entire globe from Chile and Hungary through to Ethiopia and Germany. Borne of many years of experience performing individually in a bewildering amount of styles with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Tom Jones, Nitin Sawhney, Eric Lau and Connan Mockasin, the band seek to build this musicianship into an uncompromisingly visceral, passionate yet tender sound.

Litmus Test is taken from Hejira’s sublime debut album, Prayer Before Birth.

Litmus Test epitomizes the fundamental tenets of Hejira’s musical ideology – a questing sense of compositional experimentation, the power of a genuinely democratic creative process and the importance of melody. It lurches with beguiling, seemingly ominous intent, melodic elements conspiring to form a uniquely engaging whole. Resistance is futile.

Exemplifying the band’s belief in collaboration, Litmus Test is backed by two remixes. The legendary Seb Roachford twists the track to meet his own nefarious needs, all sinewy, cranium crunching flow and urban ennui, with additional vocal stylings by English rapper and YNR Productions co-founder Jehst. Floating Points offers something altogether quite different but no less awesome. He stretches Litmus Test out, teasing forth-baroque drones and choral harmonies before exploding into Tortoise like realms of syncopated guitar lines and a relentless groove.

Accompanying Litmus Test single will be a live film of the track performed in The House of Dreams – Hejira’s studio sonic Shangri-La.

A1 – Litmus Test
A2 – Litmus Test (Seb Rochford Remix feat. Jehst)
B1 – Floating Test (Hejira x Floating Points) Available from 20.09.2013

T.R.A.S.E. – Electronic Rock
Thursday, September 26th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on T.R.A.S.E. – Electronic Rock

Image: 1584252 Known amongst a small group of teenage friends as T.R.A.S.E (Tape Recorder And Synthesiser Ensemble) this previously unearthed and fully formed electronic music project was spearheaded by a 16-year-old school- boy as an extension of his woodwork, metalwork and science classes in 1981.

Composed and recorded using a self-made synth, audio mixer and elec- tronic percussion units T.R.A.S.E would bridge the gap between a love for sci-fi horror soundtracks, Gary Numan b-sides and an extra curricular hobby as a sound and lighting designer for school plays – bequeathing a backstory as unique and unfathomable as the individualistic sonic results that he would finally commit to C90. Having successfully recorded his only solo album, Electronic Rock (which was never duplicated beyond his own demo copy), this early musical achievement by Andy Popplewell stands up as a rare self-initiated example of embryonic experimental electro pop and genuine outsider music, marking the early domestication of synthesisers and the dawn of electronic home recording studios and the uninhibited results. Unhindered by adult concepts like self-consciousness, popular snobbery, fashion, pride and fear of failure (while funded by paper rounds and odd jobs in his Mancunian community), Andy, armed with the plans to the Chorosynth kit module, an old junk shop piano keyboard and some hand-me-down tools from his recently deceased dad, would fill an exercise book with plans, arrangements and self-penned new wave pop lyrics to fully realise the potential of his one-man synthetic symphony. Reaping the benefits of his own stencilled circuit boards and soldering iron skills (whilst occasionally enlisting the part time help of his younger brother on guitar) T.R.A.S.E’s homemade technology pop continued to bloom right up until the very cusp of adolescence when careers officers and real life responsi- bilities saw the end of Andy’s reel to reel multitracking which is finally pre- sented here for the first time since it was sung and played. This ambitious cross section of robotic funk and moody soundscape sequences makes instrumental nods to John Carpenter and Kraftwerk next to unpolished vocal drones worthy of a sedated Human League or Joy Divison, all of whom shared radio dial digits amongst Giorgio Moroder, Tubeway Army and The Glitter Band as Popplewell’s clearest unabashed influences.

The T.R.A.S.E tapes, finally unearthed by Finders Keepers, show the full extent of the projects repertoire before the “group’s” final hiatus which, for Andy, was followed by a working education in London under BBC employment as a trainee radio engineer (not far from the closed door of the Radiophonic Workshop) which has since led to a widespread reputation as one of the country’s leading independent tape engineers/editors/archivists indiscriminately splicing and baking vintage tapes for anyone in-between Alpha in Brussels and ZTT in London. Having worked with hundreds of reputable studios, pop stars and media companies throughout his career Andy claims he has rarely been asked about his own musical history in 30 working years, Finders Keepers are glad we Popped that very question. Available from 06.09.2013

Command Strange – Takeover EP
Monday, May 20th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Command Strange – Takeover EP

Image: 1580268 East London based Dark Manoeuvres is an independent record label specialising in the deeper side of Drum & Bass. For their debut release, Command strange steps up with three staggering tracks, compiled here to make the ‘Takeover EP’.

Command Strange stands as one of the most successful new producers of the last few years with releases on Integral, Metalheadz Platinum and Fokuz. His productions are renowned for being stripped-back with progressive evolutions throughout. This release is no exception.

The EP kicks off with ‘Takeover’, a track that’s already received support from the likes of DJ Randall and DJ Friction (BBC Radio 1). It sees Command Strange venture into one-bar-groove territory. After an atmospheric intro, it soon breaks out into an evolving low end roller that will leave you breathless.

Next up, we have ‘Tesla Underground’. Combining stark drums, dark, modulated drones and a deep bassline, Command Strange delivers a moody, bass heavy stepper to complete the physical release.

As a digital exclusive*, the producer takes us back to his roots with ‘Floor Shaker’, an Amen roller built strictly for the dance floor with a signature switch up that only the Kazakh prodigy could pull off.

Support from John B, Friction, Ray Keith, Stunna and more. Available from 29.04.2013

Erol Alkan
Monday, November 5th, 2012 | Tags: , ,
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At the end of 2006, Erol Alkan was at a crossroads. He’d been voted DJ of the year by Mixmag. He’d made landmark, expectation-defying remixes for bands he loved: a crunching “glam racket” reworking of ‘Do You Want To’ for Franz Ferdinand, a wonderfully wistful reinterpretation of Hop Chip’s ‘Boy From School’, a psychedelic take […]

Hidden Orchestra
Monday, October 1st, 2012 | Tags: , ,
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Hidden Orchestra are a quartet from Edinburgh, Scotland, who make music that incorporates and redefines elements of jazz, classical, rock, hip-hop and electronica to form a deeply original and cohesive whole resplendent with layers of energy, emotion and atmosphere. An intense and rewarding listening experience, both live and on record, their sound encompasses the energy […]

Hidden Orchestra release their second album “Archipelago” on Tru Thoughts
Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 | Tags: , ,
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“Archipelag” is the second album from Hidden Orchestra, who were recently highlighted by the Independent On Sunday as one of their ‘Sounds Of The Summer’ 2012. Following the release of their 10,000 selling debut, “Night Walks”, their intricate yet viscerally emotive and energetic sound has won critical acclaim and a diverse fanbase, from bass and […]

Staff Charts 2010
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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I figure it’s been a pretty epic year for music and our beloved industry. Seriously, I’ve got very little to complain about. To sum it up, 2010 was full of blown speakers, sweaty “Old Desperate Bitch” t-shirts and the surprising comeback of stage diving. Along the way we listened to huge piles of new albums, […]

Mad electronics from the legendary Bruce Haack …
Friday, August 6th, 2010 | Tags: , ,
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Up until now, Bruce Haack’s legacy has only existed in the quirks, glitches, and audio signals of techno-luminaries such as Zapp and Kraftwerk, left unacknowledged and relatively unknown. But with the release of Farad Bruce Haack, the electronic music pioneer can finally be lifted out of the sooty fields of arcane knowledge and placed into […]

New collaborative effort by Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins …
Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 | Tags: , ,
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They’re back! “Fascinating Fingers” is a brand new batch of collaborative tracks from the unstoppable Mr Lee and the anonymous one, known as Clutchy Hopkins. No, they’re not the same person, and no, we don’t know who he is yet! Sorry … Raiding their collective musical inspirations and instrument collections waaay deeper than on their […]

London Elektricity
Thursday, July 9th, 2009 | Tags: , ,
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London Elektricity has become a byword for groundbreaking ‘fast soul music’, ramming venues, destroying drum & bass crowds, leaving huge smiles from the Big Chill to Glastonbury and beyond, London Elektricity Live has always been ‘out of this world’. The London Elektricity saga began way back in ’96, and up until 2002 London Elektricity was […]

Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 | Tags: , ,
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Miss Kittin (Caroline Hervé) and The Hacker (Michel Amato) – impressive individually as writers, artists, DJs and producers, but unrivalled on their brand new album, “Two”, together again as a duo. It’s been far too long since the release of their era-defining classic “1st Album”. Now the wait is over – they are back with […]

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