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Various – Coalmine Records Presents Unearthed
Friday, June 20th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Coalmine Records Presents Unearthed

Image: 1589492 Das Indie Hip Hop-Label Coalmine Records aus Brooklyn zelebriert mit diesem 21 Track langen Sampler sein zehnjähriges Bestehen. Die Doppel-CD umfasst eine von Produzent, Turntablist und Wake Up Show DJ Revolution gemixte Version und eine ungemixte mit drei auf dem Mix nicht enthaltenen Tracks. Mit dabei sind viele namhafte Interpreten und Produzenten wie Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Large Professor, The Artifacts, Blu, Sean Price, Billy Danze (M.O.P.), Big Noyd, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Marco Polo, Ayatollah, Diamond D, Nottz, Khrysis, u.v.a. Available from 30.05.2014

Sean Price – Refrigerator P (BF RSD)
Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Sean Price – Refrigerator P (BF RSD)

Image: 1615575 Coalmine Records is honored to release a limited-edition, 10-inch maxi
single of “Refrigerator P,” a bruiser of a track from Philly producer Small
Professor and the late, legendary Sean Price.
From the moment the strings drop, you already know there’s no other
emcee that could do this beat justice like P! Lyrically, the Brownsville
native is as on point as ever, dropping crazy references of the Chicago
Bears’ Super Bowl XX victory and his trademark no-bullsh*t punchlines.
And then there’s the hook, which pairs his longtime partner-in-rhyme and
other half of Heltah Skeltah, The Rockness Monstah, with the turntable
madness of DJ Revolution.
Ruck and Rock prove once again why they’re regarded as such an
incredible force, as Rock’s no nonsense hook complements P’s bully
bars in a way that could very well make this track one of the toughest
tracks in P’s catalog.
The maxi-single comes loaded with the instrumental and a special
bonus beat selection called “P’s Theme.” Rounding out the release is
the smoothed out “Peaky Blinders” remix of “Refrigerator P” featuring the
Emerald Isle-born emcee, Rob Kelly. Listeners will no doubt attest that he
holds his weight alongside P.

Refrigerator P (feat. The Rockness Monstah & DJ Revolution)
Refrigerator P (Instrumental)

Refrigerator P (feat. Rob Kelly) [Peaky Blinders Remix]
P’s Theme” (Bonus Beat)

• Posthumously released Black Friday 10” maxi-single from underground rap legend, Sean Price
• Production is supplied by Philly’s Small Professor, who produced Guilty Simpson’s ‘Highway Robbery’ LP (2013) in its entirety
• Features include P’s partner-in-rhyme, The Rockness Monstah aka “Rock” of Heltah Skeltah, DJ Revolution, and Irish rapper, Rob Kelly
• Artwork is illustrated by Action Bronson’s in-house artist, FRKO
• Release is limited to 500 units Available from 24.11.2017

Sean Price & M-Phazes – Land Of The Crooks (Bonus Edition)
Thursday, July 13th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Sean Price & M-Phazes – Land Of The Crooks (Bonus Edition)

Image: 1610897 Coalmine Records is pleased to relaunch ‘Land of the Crooks,’ the
collaborative extended play project from the late Sean Price and
Melbourne’s go to producer, M-Phazes. The project finds the longtime
underground legend lending his distinctive, Brownsville-bred grimy
vocals over Phazes’ rich tracks full of dramatic pianos, rich bass-lines,
swinging horns and hard drums.
The A-side includes the main passes, comprised of four original tracks
with the addition of the Small Professor Remix for ”Murdah Type Thinkin
(feat. Guilty Simpson).” For this special edition rerelease, Coalmine has
also added the Divided Souls Ent. & DJ Pain 1 Remix of “Land of the
Crooks,” which was only previously made available on the label’s remix
compilation, ‘Remineded,’ which first dropped back in January of 2015.
The B-side includes the instrumental passes of all of the original tracks,
as well as the Small Pro Remix, in addition to the “Crookapella,” which
includes various scratch stems taken from the EP, in addition to various
isolated drum sounds, sound effects, and acapella of the “Land of the
Crooks” single.
Additional features on LOTC include Roc Marciano, Billy Danze (of
M.O.P.), Maffew Ragazino, Loudmouf Choir and the Dilated Junky, DJ
Vinyl is manufactured on classic black discs, and comes complete with
the Andres Guzman designed artwork, inspired by the vintage ‘80s
movie, ‘Crocodile Dundee.’
Sean Price was Hip-Hop’s Gray Hulk, a barbarian with the pen, with the
sharpest of wits. A true Brooklyn legend…riP!

1. Bag of Shit (feat. Loudmouf Choir)
2. Dump In The Gut
3. Land of the Crooks (feat. Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino & DJ Babu)
4. Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Roc Marciano)
5. Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Guilty Simpson) [Small Professor Remix]
6. Land of the Crooks (Divided Souls Ent. & DJ Pain 1 Remix)
7. Bag of Shit (Instrumental)
8. Dump In The Gut (Instrumental)
9. Land of the Crooks (Instrumental)
10. Murdah Type Thinkin (Instrumental)
11. Murdah Type Thinkin (Small Professor Remix) Instrumental
12. Crookapella (Beat Kit/Scratch Stems) Available from 11.08.2017

Saga & Thelonious Martin – Molotov
Friday, March 24th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Saga & Thelonious Martin – Molotov

Image: 1609349 ‘Molotov’ represents the best elements of its creators, Brooklyn rapper, Saga and Chicago producer, Thelonious Martin. The rhymes are potent and powerful, taking down everyone from cynics to haters, wack emcees, and inner demons. And the instrumentals serve to bring those words to life by way of head-nodding percussion, and slick sample flips.

Because it was crafted by one rapper and one producer, ‘Molotov’ is especially effective, and have made it clear why their approach works so well, especially as a duo. The 12 tracks move in and out of each other seamlessly, while tackling a variety of sounds and subject matter, all with an effective supporting cast of notable features. Like the one-two punch of the straight-up banger “Karma,” which features a fired-up Freddie Gibbs, and the Fashawn-assisted lead single, “Yesterday.”

“With Molotov, it was about maintaining the level of quality I’m known for,” the producer says, noting that it all started with the two sending tracks back and forth. “As the project was coming along, we started building the proper chemistry to make this special.”

Saga agreed, calling the project’s conception “organic.” It was that unrestrained vibe that he says “allowed me to be free with my thought process, and write for the moment.” As a result, he was able to explore new and intriguing ideas, like how “chaos is the end result of a long process of inner discontent within our own lives.” And you can hear him eloquently rhyme about this subject on “Misunderstood,” his favorite cut on the 12 track LP.

And the music doesn’t stop with ‘Molotov’’s release in February. The album will also be available on vinyl in April, courtesy of Coalmine Records. This falls prior to the duo’s departure for Europe, where they will embark on a multi-city tour in promotion for the LP, in late May/early June.

01. Intro
02. Mongolian Cashmere
03. Yesterday (feat. Fashawn)
04. Misunderstood
05. Karma (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
06. Where We Live (Brooklyn)
07. Out There
08. Never Mind (feat. The Mind)
09. Not Today
10. All I Know (feat. Rapper Big Pooh)
11. They Don’t Know
12. Outro

• Saga 718:
• King Thelonious:

Saga Online:
• Web:
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Thelonious Martin Online:
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Available from 05.05.2017

Heltah Skeltah – Midnight Madness
Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Heltah Skeltah – Midnight Madness

Image: 1607173 To celebrate this year’s Record Store Day/Black Friday, Coalmine
Records is pleased to release a special-edition 7-inch version of
Heltah Skeltah’s previously digital-only slapper, “Midnight Madness,”
featuring DJ Revolution.
As fans of the duo already know, the circa-2009 track is pure flames,
and brimming with hilarious bad-guy lyricism from Ruck (aka the late
Sean Price), and his partner in rhyme, Rock. The two absolutely let
loose over Shuko’s funky instrumental, as Ruck drops concrete flows
while Rock communicates with animals.
And that’s just the A-Side. On the B-Side, you’ll find the haunting
remix produced by the Grammy-winning, M-Phazes. Fans of his work
may recognize this joint from Coalmine’s 2012 remix compilation,
‘Phazed Out.’
The record itself will be sold in a plain 45 sleeve, but the donut
contains the work of acclaimed designer, Joe Buck, who embraced
the 1980 released cult movie of the same title, which also serves
as the track’s theme. On each side, you’ll find references and
illustrations central to both the film, and the track, from the sketch
of Leon the Game Master on Side-A, to M-Phazes ‘Good Gracious’
tagline on Side-B.
Both tracks are now available for stream and download, while the
limited-edition 45 will be available as a RSD/Black Friday exclusive,
via Coalmine Records. Let the madness begin…again.

A. Midnight Madness
B. Midnight Madness (M-Phazes Remix)

• Released in limited quantities exclusively for RSD/Black Friday
• This release marks the first time that either track has been
made available in vinyl format
• Includes verses from the late Sean Price, formerly known as
Ruck of Heltah Skeltah
• B-Side producer, M-Phazes is a Grammy-award winner for his
work on Eminim’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’
• Label artwork designed by well known graphic designer, Joe
Buck Available from 25.11.2016

Blu & Nottz – Titans In The Flesh EP (Colored)
Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Blu & Nottz – Titans In The Flesh EP (Colored)

Image: 1604516 In 2013, underground rap heavyweights Blu and Nottz teamed up for ‘Gods
In The Spirit,’ one of the year’s most critically adored EPs. And upon its
release, the duo made it clear they weren’t done there, but also weren’t
about to rush their follow-up. As much as fans clamored for its release,
Blu and Nottz earned the ability to take their time with their sophomore
effort.And that’s evident throughout ‘Titans In The Flesh,’ which builds on its
predecessor and proudly stands on its shoulders.
Like ‘Gods,’ ‘Titans’ finds the Ca-Va connection keeping things concise and
cohesive. They’ve delivered six tracks of original, brand-new material that
slaps and bumps as much as it pours over with lyrical brilliance. Of course,
that won’t surprise any longtime fans of either artist, both of whom have
been steadily making their mark since first emerging on the scene (2003 for
Blu, and 1998 for Nottz).
Blu and Nottz are two of the most prolific and valued cultural contributors
of their respective trades, and it’s while working together that the two make
some of their most triumphant and powerful music.You hear that immediately
on chest-pounding opener “The Truth,” the pure funk of “Heaven on Earth,”
and the beyond-slick rhyming and crazy drums of “The Man.”
Speaking of “The Man,” Nottz steps to the mic as he closes out the track
following a clever verse from Blu’s day one beat conductor, Exile. Elsewhere,
Blu is joined on the mic by hard-hitting trio Bishop Lamont, Torae, and
Skyzoo on “Giant Steps,” which boasts cuts from the remarkable DJ
Revolution, while singer Shateish appears on soulful opener “The Truth.” Blu
then sits it out on “To The East,” as he lets Definite, TriState, Mickey Factz,
and Johaz command the bruising track. And as a bonus, the EP boasts a
colossal flip of “Atlantis,” courtesy of J57 on production, with Akie Bermiss
belting out a fiery hook.
‘Titans In The Flesh’ becomes available in limited supply on Easter-yellow
vinyl on July 15, via Coalmine Records. Vinyl edition comes equipped with
the instrumental and acapella passes of “The Man,” and the instrumental for
“Heaven on Earth.”

1. The Truth (feat. Shateish)
2. Heaven on Earth
3. Giant Steps (feat. Bishop Lamont, Torae, Skyzoo & DJ Revolution)
4. To the East (feat.Definite Mass,TriState, Mickey Factz & Johaz)
5. The Man (feat. Exile & Nottz)
6. Atlantis
7. Atlantis (feat.Akie Bermiss) [J57 Remix]
8. Heaven on Earth (Instrumental)
9. The Man (Instrumental)
10. The Man (Acapella)

Available from 15.07.2016

Royce Da 5’9 / Skillz / Diamond D – One For The Money (Green Vinyl) (RSD)
Saturday, November 28th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Royce Da 5’9 / Skillz / Diamond D – One For The Money (Green Vinyl) (RSD)

Image: 1600434 vocal b/w instrumental / Brookyn-based Hip-Hop indie, Coalmine Records, is pleased to release the limited edition, 7-inch pressing of their acclaimed single, “One for the Money,” which unites veteran emcees, Royce da’ 5’9”, Skillz and Diamond D, over the anthemic, string heavy production supplied by Beantown’s deejay/producer, G-Squared (formerly of The Kreators). First released in September of 2012 in a digitalo nly format, and later included as part of the label’s decennary compilation LP, ‘Unearthed,’ (May 13, 2014), the limited edition 7-inch will be pressed on money green vinyl, and packaged with a free album download card of ‘Unearthed,’ exclusively for Black Friday. Available from 27.11.2015

Kool G Rap – Naturally Born (ft.Big Noyd & Large Professor)
Friday, October 24th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Kool G Rap – Naturally Born (ft.Big Noyd & Large Professor)

Image: 1593260 As Coalmine Records gets closer to the 2nd Quarter release of their long awaited compilation, Unearthed, the Brooklyn indie drops the project’s next single, “Naturally Born,” which features Q-Borough mic veterans Big Noyd, Large Professor and Kool G Rap. Produced by the legendary Queens-based beatsmith Ayatollah, the soundscape is rooted in a Golden Era motif that boasts a scratch chorus courtesy of DJ Dutchmaster, who blends quotables from other Queens County icons such as Run-D.M.C., Nas, N.O.R.E., Royal Flush and Prodigy. Ayatollah!

A1. Naturally Born
B1. Naturally Born (Cookin’ Soul Remix) Available from 05.12.2014

Sean Price & M-Phazes – Land Of The Crooks
Friday, September 19th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Sean Price & M-Phazes – Land Of The Crooks

Image: 1591559 Coalmine Records is pleased to release the release of Sean
Price & M-Phazes’ collaborative extended play effort, Land
Of The Crooks. The EP contains 11 tracks, and is comprised
of four original tracks, with the addition of the Small
Professor Remix of “Murdah Type Thinkin,” featuring
Guilty Simpson, along with all of the instrumental passes.
Additional features include Roc Marciano, Billy Danze
(of M.O.P.), Maffew Ragazino, Loudmouf Choir and the
Dilated Junky, DJ Babu. Included on the tracklist is the
“Crookapella” (track #11), which includes various scratch
stems taken from the EP, in addition to the isolated drums
and sound effects used on “Land of the Crooks,” as well as
the song’s acapella.

1. Bag of Sh*t (feat. Loudmouf Choir)
2. Dump In The Gut
3. Land of the Crooks (feat. Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino & DJ Babu)
4. Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Roc Marciano)
5. Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Guilty Simpson) [Small Professor Remix]
6. Bag of Sh*t (Instrumental)
7. Dump In The Gut (Instrumental)
8. Land of the Crooks (Instrumental)
9. Murdah Type Thinkin (Instrumental)
10. Murdah Type Thinkin (Small Professor Remix) Instrumental
11. Crookapella (Beat Kit/Scratch Stems)
Available from 03.10.2014

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