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Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia Instrumentals
Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia Instrumentals

Image: 1602211 “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde.” Not that they didn’t keep busy in that period
with supporting slots for De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest as well as a
successful spot on Lollapalooza’s 1994 tour. Of course J-Swift had parted
ways with the group just before the conclusion of the Bizarre Ride sessions.
Rather than try to out an out replace Swift, production on Labcabincalifornia
was handled by the Pharcyde’s own Bootie Brown, Fatlip and Slimkid3 along
with contributions from Diamond D, M-Walk and very notably the work of a
recent arrival in LA, Jay Dee aka J Dilla.
The resulting project, “Labcabincalifornia”, maybe calmer than the group’s
debut but it’s no less warped with stand out cuts like the She Said, Drop, and
Runnin’. Traffic Entertainment and The Bicycle Music Company are now
proud to bring you the instrumentals of the entire project on this special
double vinyl edition.

1. Bullshit
2. Pharcyde
1. Groupie Therapy
2. Runnin’
3. Somethin’ That Means
4. Somethin’
1. Drop
2. Hey You
3. The Hustle
1. Devil Music
2. The E.N.D.
3. She Said (Jay Dee Mix) Available from 04.03.2016

Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia
Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia

Image: 1600915 Repressed! The Pharcyde’s landmark Labcabincalifornia just hit its 20th anniversary, having originally been released on November 14th, 1995.
The Bicycle Music Company celebrates with an all new pressing of the double gatefold LP. The Pharcyde released Labcabincalifornia,
their follow up to their legendary debut Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde (itself released on November 24th, 1992) with the album
ultimately launching three singles, “Runnin’”, “She Said” and “Drop” (which would go on to massive MTV music video fame due to
it’s first ever entirely backwards filmed video directed by Spike Jonze).

Over the next 20 years, the legacy of The Pharcyde and Labcabincalifornia has continued to rise. In the case of Labcabincalifornia,
that’s in no small part due to the production work on the project from the legendary Jay Dee, aka J Dilla.
“If Labcabincalifornia came out today, boasting production by J Dilla on seven out of 17 tracks would
be a big deal…” – Complex Magazine

“Labcabincalifornia is an artistic breakthrough, and because of the deep shift in hip-hop production
in the last two decades, the timelessness of the album is more apparent than ever.”
– Treble Music’s Induction of Labcabincalifornia into their Hall Of Fame
“Years ahead of its time for a scene still hung over from The Chronic, Labcabincalifornia was an
underappreciated album that would almost certainly have fared better amidst the alt-rap renaissance
of 1999.” – Rap Reviews

The 20th Anniversary Edition Of Labcabincalifornia
is pressed on limited edition Gold Vinyl.

1. Bullshit
2. Pharcyde
3. Groupie Therapy
The 20th Anniversary Edition Of Labcabincalifornia
is pressed on limited edition Gold Vinyl.
1. Runnin’
2. She Said
3. Splattitorium
4. Somethin’ That Means
5. All Live
1. Drop
2. Hey You
3. Y?
4. It’s All Good
1. Moment In Time
2. The Hustle
3. Little D
4. Devil Music
5. The E.N.D. Available from 11.12.2015

Gussie Clarke
Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 | Tags: , , ,
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Born Augustus Clarke in rural Jamaica on March 26, 1954, Gussie lost his mother so early in life that he has no memory of her. After being housed in an approved school, he was adopted by Miss Iris Robinson of Kingston, who sent him to Calabar Primary School and Kingston College (High School). In 1966, […]

Various – Inner City Beat!
Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Inner City Beat!

Image: 1587774 Soul Jazz Records new release Inner City Beat! Detective Themes, Spy Music and Imaginary Thrillers 1967-1975 is a unique CD / 2LP release that comes with an exclusive limited-edition specially created 60-page graphic novel (by the mysterious cult 1960s pulp-fiction writer Mark ‘Badly’ Antringham).

The music on the album is a killer selection of funky, deep, rare, exciting and dancefloor heavyweight ‘spy themes’, ‘detective music’ and thrillers from the 1960s and 1970s. The music spans heavyweight break-beat funk, deep and heavy jazz, super-catchy mod themes, imaginary super-charged orchestral soundtracks and more.
These tracks are put together from British library music companies (DeWolfe, KPM, Conroy, Amphonic), all of whom supplied music regularly to television and films around the world during this period, often for use in detective and spy programmes, series and films. Many were never broadcast and have thus remained unheard, stored in the vaults for many years.
To accompany this unique album, Soul Jazz have also commissioned the creation of a special 60-page graphic novel which features the stunning artwork of the elusive illustrator John C. Patterson in partnership with the celebrated 1960s pulp fiction cult novelist Mark ‘Badly’ Antringham. The graphic novel is set in the imaginary seedy streets of East London in the 1960s in a world full of corrupt police, political intrigue and violent sadistic criminals. This unique limited-edition graphic novel comes free with the initial run of the album Inner City Beat.

Heavyweight deluxe gatefold super-loud double vinyl release (with free download code). This vinyl album also includes the full graphic novel.


1. Peter Reno and Barry Stoller – Sparks (2.17)
2. Syd Dale – Danger Musicians At Work (1.52)
3. Clive Hicks – Drums in Transit (1.35)
4. Norrie Paramor – Theme From Scotland Yard (2.36)
5. Francis Coppieters – Funky Chimes (3.11)
6. Dave Richmond- Gotta Getaway (2.49)

1. Dave Richmond – Heavy Lead (1.43)
2. Reg Tilsley – Ode To A Stone (2.33)
3. Ernest Copley – Fuel Injection (2.39)
4. Brass Incorporated – On A Bicycle Made For 3 (2.56)
5. Tilsley Orchestral – The Ratcatchers (1.52)
6. Ernest Copley – Dynamic Patterns (2.30)

1. David Lindup – Men of Action (1.41)
2. Brass Incorporated – Come One, Come All (2.41)
4. Francis Coppieters – Cross Talk (3.20)
4. The International Studio Orchestra – High Diplomacy (2.22)
5. Syd Dale – The Hell Raisers (2.16)

1. Johnny Pearson – Product Efficiency (3.34)
2. Johnny Hawksworth – Conveyor Belt (1.34)
3. The International Studio Orchestra – Police Five (1.13)
4. Johnny Pearson – Grand Prix (3.11)
5. David Lindup – Superformance (2.12)
6. Ernest Copley – Crossflow (2.09)
7. Johnny Hawksworth – Workshop (1.08) Available from 07.03.2014

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