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EDDIE ROBERTS new album combines firing hard bop, beautiful modal space and nu-jazz beats …
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Cohenbeats – Daily Affirmations
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Image: 1608806 The musical blueprint of both Tel Aviv and Los Angeles readily apparent in Cohenbeats’ Stones Throw release, Daily Affirmations. While Israeli samples in?uenced by jazz, progressive rock and
Brazilian music are threaded throughout, the undeniable backbone of the album continues to be inspired by LA beatmakers.

1. Milk & Honey (Intro)
2. 4urhealth
3. Daily Affirmations ft. Quelle Chris
4. Rhythm
5. Get Started
6. Dry Figs
7. NuWav
8. Clik
9. Us vs. Them ft. Oliver The 2nd & Jeremiah Jae
10. Liga
11. Collie?ower
12. I’ve Been Called (Skit)
13. Don’t Play
14. Places/Spaces
15. Money Fast ft. Denmark Vessey
16. Coming Home
17. LoveEachOtha
18. Mushon’s House
19. Hello
20. Hold Your Hand ft. Nanna B
21. Shabat Shalom (Outro) Available from 10.03.2017

Torb The Roach & Floppy McSpace – Tape Echo – Gold Floppies
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Image: 1608115 Inspired by Ultraman and Norwegian nature, Torb the Roach and Floppy McSpace joined forces and cooked up their instrumental debut. The result, Tape Echo Gold Floppies. It tick-les your senses with low fidelity rhythms, time warping space echo, rare world spices and psychedelic field recordings.

Along with the project they’ve also released a 15- minute motion picture revealing the ex-traordinary story of how the record came to be, a dramatic piece involving ski accidents, black coffee magic and brutal fight scenes.

The album is a combination of beats from the SP1200/S950 combo as well as dubs & ef-fects from the Roland 201 Space Echo. Torb collects rare, obscure, world funk and rare groove records from India, Thailand, China & Japan. There are a bunch of dusty loops on the record made from his digs.

The cover design is a mix of hand drawn illustrations, pictures of equipment and a picture of Floppy McSpace by Ocht & Torb.

Track List:

A1. Svart Kaffe Jam
A2. Sykkel Rytmer
A3. En for Ultraman
A4. Østensjøvannet
A5. Tusen Baht
B1. Tokyo
B2. Tre Seks Fem
B3. Flyr Rundt
B4. Sløy Gange ingunderground/sets/torb-the-r oach-floppy-mcspace Available from 10.02.2017

Sei A – Space In Your Mind
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Image: 1601766 AUS music/!K7 is proud to announce Space
In Your Mind, the third album from UK artist,
Sei A. After two years in the making, Aus Music
and !K7 are proud to announce the release
of Scottish producer Sei A’s third full length,
Space in Your Mind. Two singles from the ten
track opus—‘Ancestors’ and ‘Space In Your
Mind’, complete with DJ Tennis remixes—will
come ahead of the full release on February
26th 2016.
Sei A is Andy Graham, an ever-evolving
producer who has cooked up many different
shades of house and techno since emerging in
2008. From dark and melodic to well swung and
bass heavy, he is not one to repeat the same
trick twice as two former LPs and more than
15 EPs on labels like Turbo, Life And Death,
Kompakt and Aus/Simple have proved before
now. As if to cement the point, this full length
finds Graham straying from the dance floor
to cook up a fulsome album that stands up
to introspective home listening.
“The LP came from writing a lot of music
in a short space of time,” says Graham. “I felt
I had grasped a sound and I wanted to expand it
further. Musically I was finding that the material
had much more space within the sound, with the
main structure of it being melodies, therefore
giving it quite a rich feel throughout. I was also
aiming to expand on writing actual songs that
take in verse/chorus, verse/chorus structures.”
And he has sure accomplished that, because
with the help of guest collaborators Will Samson
and Daudi Matsiko on four tracks, Space in Your
Mind is an absorbing listen with many melodies
and vocal lines lingering long in the memory.
There is a sombre feel to the album right
from the off. Opener ‘Always’ is a grainy, sparse
sonic landscape with fractured vocals and
dark drones eventually being cut through by
bright melodies. From there that pixelated
sense of melody continues through the bleak
ambience of ‘In The Light’ and ethereally back
lit glow of dark and dubby pop night ‘Space In
Your Mind.’ Full of shadowy spaces, greyscale
pads and comfortingly downbeat drums, tracks
like ‘Kalstar’ pick up the pace but remain
resolutely insular, whilst ‘Everytime’ is the
stunningly emotive jewel right at the heart of
the album. It marries forlorn and vulnerable
vocals with waify chords and downbeat synths
that are truly pained before ‘Everytime’ offers
a noteworthy break in the clouds with its vast
synth chords and heavenly vocals drifting in
perfect harmony. Then ’Ancestors’ features
more genuinely pained vocals amongst a dubby
brew of beats, ‘Morning Soldier’ conveys a real
sense of optimism after the darkness that has
gone before and from there the album plays
out through heavily hymnal atmospheres, heart
broken chords and teary eyed melody of the
sort that are truly moving.

1 | A1. Always
2 | A2. In The Light
3 | A3. Space In Your Mind (feat. Will Samson)
4 | B1. Kalstar
5 | B2. Linear
6 | C1. Everytime
7 | C2. Ancestors (feat. Will Samson)
8 | C3. Morning Soldier
9 | D1. Tides (feat. Will Samson)
10 | D2. Exit (feat. Daudi Matsiko)
11 | D3. Trails Of Gold

– Third Studio album from Andy Graham
featuring collaborators Will Samson &
Daudi Matsiko.
– Recorded & Mixed in London at Andy’s studio
& mastered at Optimum mastering in Bristol.
– Dj Tennis & Edward remix package to follow LP.
– Dj dates throughout Europe & USA in March/

Mano Le Tough, John Talabot, Lone, Bicep,
Caribou, Jamie XX, Howling, Apparat & Four Tet. Available from 18.03.2016

Boca 45 – Dig Eat Beats Repeat
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Image: 1595663 Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat – four words that sum up an average day in the life of Boca 45. Known as somewhat of a Bristol institution from his early days selling hip hop from behind the counter of the seminal Purple Penguin record shop, his Dynamo Productions pseudonym with Andy Smith (Portishead) and his countless DJ residencies and appearances across the city. More recently he has branched out with the psyche rock/hip hop/pop stylings of the Domino Records-signed Malachai (Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record In The World”) and the cinematic Dolman project alongside composer Ben Salisbury. It’s safe to say Scott Hendy has worn a few caps in his time.

Returning to his Boca 45 alter-ego, for this – his third album under the name, finds him revisiting his b-boy roots and creating an album almost purely from found sounds, beats & samples. As an avid record collector and well traveled DJ, he has amassed a wealth of sources, be it old school block party rap, rare Latin percussion, progressive rock wigouts or obscure eastern European oddities, it all goes into the mix to create his unique style – steeped in heritage, but looking firmly forward.

Another link in the story is Boca’s affinity with the Big Apple – from early digging trips and gigs there, he has forged a strong bond with the spiritual home of hip hop. So much so, that the only vocalists that appear on the album are NYC based. Having worked with Stephanie McKay on his debut album “Pitch Sounds” (Grand Central Records) she steps up once again to bless “Mr Big Sun”, “Freedom Train” and “Parking Space” – her powerful soul voice perfecting each track and sounding like she’s got a lot more left to prove.

Also featured are Brooklyn MCs The Good People aka Emskee and The Saint. From the block busting “We’re Right Here” (as supported on BBC6 Music by Huey Morgan) to the party starting “People Are You Ready?” their old school flow sits perfectly on Boca’s beats and cements the Bristol to Bronx partnership further.

Other tracks such as “45 Live” and “Kool Herc’s Echo Chamber” show his diverse cut & paste party rockin’ ability, whist “BK Speakeasy” and “Lafayette Afterglow” offer a deeper filmic side to his production.

With a hefty DJ schedule alongside a hefty box of 45s and the skills to match, be sure to catch Boca 45 in a club near you soon!

“…like being rabbit punched in the face with killer tune after killer tune & thats a rare thing nowadays” – Geoff Barrow (Portishead)
“Luxury beats and killer samples – once the needle hits the record you’re hooked!” – Sergio Pizzorno (Kasabian)
“Dope LP! What can I say, I’m a cut and paste kinda guy!” – DJ Yoda
“Deep, heavy beats, fluid funk and sinuous spoken words and rhymes bind this together. Steph McKay’s vocal spots are a highlight for me” – DJ Food (Ninja Tune)
“A beautifully gritty slice of Bristolian hip hop, funk and soul. Good music for good people. The world needs more music like this. I love it.” – Brad Baloo (The Nextmen)
“Great to have Boca back, a good to see his musical relationship with Steph McKay continuing to go from strength to strength bringing some of the highlights of what is a top notch LP” – Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s)
“Boca 45 sticks to his undisputed formula and delivers only the freshest original breaks combined with the great talents of the Good People and the always amazing Stephanie McKay. Top hitter of this year so far!” – Marc Hype (Dusty Donuts)

1. Dig Eat Beats Repeat
2. 45 Live
3. People Are You Ready? (feat. The Good People)
4. Freedom Train (feat. Stephanie McKay)
5. BK Speakeasy
6. Mr Big Sun (feat. Stephanie McKay)
7. Kool Herc’s Echo Chamber
8. We’re Right Here (feat. The Good People)
9. Lafayette Afterglow
10. Parking Space (feat. Stephanie McKay) Available from 20.03.2015

DJ Mitsu The Beats – Celebration Of Jay
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Image: 1595118 PREORDER ONLY / “I can’t remember the first track I listened to, but I started to become aware of his presence with “Slum village / Fantastic Vol. 2”.
He’s been producing classics even before this album, and I’ve listened to numerous tracks including the unreleased ones. But for me, Jay Dee/ J Dilla’s
presence is packed into “Slum village / Fantastic Vol.2” and “Welcome 2 Detroit”. I have never been influenced so much by music in my life, and probably never will be. Until then, I strived to create music without being influenced by anyone, but by recognizing him and becoming a captive of his worldview, there was no way to escape his influence. His extremely tight drums were made without relying on quantization, and his use of sine waves for bass and layering filtered samples was incredible. He had a distinctive utilization of space, and seemingly rough but delicate style. There’s no doubt that he laid the foundations for my current style.
I have created tracks for people in the past, but I have never dedicated a whole album for anyone. Even after his passing I greatly respect him as a mentor, and I have longed to dedicate an album for him in order to reflect on my present self. The intension of this album is not to imitate, but to present myself while reflecting on how his influence has helped me to find my own style. This is a dedication of my style to him, which would not have been possible without his influence. I will continue to respect him.
Thank you Jay Dee / Jay Dilla.
Mitsu The Beats

side A
1 cookout
2 Unc
3 tunnel
4 cliff edge
5 constellations
6 going home
7 off-ramp
8 all work out
9 tag
10 strollin’

side B
2 fluid
3 batcave
4 Charly
5 2 for 3
6 Jasmin
7 8:00 am
8 Pueblo
9 brownstone
10 the bunch

cut at 33 RPM
Available from 28.08.2015

Unique Records / Social Beats present the long awaited third album from Laura Vane and The Vipertones
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Can you feel it? There’s a rumble in your ears, a tremble in your knees, the world as you’ve known it is about to split, swallow you up whole and spit you out! Then, and only then, you will know you’ve heard ‘BodyQuake’ the long awaited and eagerly anticipated third album from Laura Vane and […]

Ultimate Breaks & Beats Robot Toy – Ultimate Breaks & Beats Robot Toy
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Image: 1585304 Ultimate Breaks & Beats (commonly
abbreviated as UBB) is a series of 25
compilation albums released between
1986 and 1991 on Street Beat
Records. The tracks included on the
albums contain music from 1966 to
1984 that specifically feature drum
The albums found high popularity
especially with hip-hop producers,
serving as the backbone to the world
of sampled music, with the release of
each new volume leading to various
hip-hop records featuring samples of
the now famous breaks.
We now pay homage to one of the
most revered characters in the series’
iconic cover artwork, the boom box
toting, sky walking B-Boy Spaceman
from Volume 3 of the Ultimate Breaks
& Beats series. Available from 25.10.2013

German trio Space Ranger release their eagerly awaited debut album …
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Played out by Mylo and picked by Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend) as a Pitchfork best of 2010, German trio Space Ranger release their eagerly awaited debut album “What About The Magnetic Fields?” on Lovemonk. Italo influences, lustful synths, suggestive vocals, psychedelic pop, sultry electronic layers, heavy beats and fat bass lines: all these elements are […]

KRS-One & True Master – Meta-Historical (Fat Beats)
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KRS-One & True Master via “Meta-Historical” bring the listener on a voyage through hip hop history and comment on the current state of hip hop. True Master’s production conjures up sonically what KRS-One effortlessly rhymes about.

Release: 17-09-10
Suff Daddy’s new album “The Gin Diaries” is all about beats, love and Tanqueray …
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Suff Daddy is a gentleman who knows about the good life: Jamaican Kush, rare soul records and beautiful women make his day. And Suff Deezy ain’t no greedy man. On his new record he shares his music with friends like Miles Bonny, Fleur Earth, Mariama, Mar, and Jim Dunloop. We call “The Gin Diaries” a […]

Phace & Misanthrop present their collaboration project “From Deep Space” on Neosignal …
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More than a year in the making “From Deep Space” brings together two of the leading lights of the European drum & bass scene with Phace ready to build on the success of their 2007 debut album “Psycho” and Misanthrop ready to stamp his mark with what is undoubtedly both artists’ best work to date. […]

The Upbeats redefining the future sound of neuro funk nastiness …
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If you’re The Upbeats, you never know when inspiration is going to hit, or leave you curled up on the floor with laughter-induced abdominal muscles pains. And in this particular scenario, their inspiration was a whispered Brazilian ghetto story related to them by a friend. The story of the Caveraos (English translation: Big Skeleton), a […]

Alexis Le-Tan & Jess present – Space Oddities Vol. 2 (Permanent Vacation)
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Permanent Vacation are delighted to bring you the second chapter of the first “Space Oddities” saga compiled by Alexis Le-Tan and Jess.

Release: 10-07-09
Permanent Vacation are delighted to bring you the second chapter of the Space Oddities saga …
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Permanent Vacation are delighted to bring you the second chapter of the “Space Oddities” saga compiled by Alexis Le-Tan (music journalist and member of Tigersushi Bass System) and Jess (formerly of famed French house duo Jess & Crabbe and now drummer for punk band 10lec6). The pair met in 2001 through a mutual love of […]

The Nature Sounds imprint presents a collection of unreleased J Dilla beats …
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The quiet, prolific producer collaborated with everyone including Erykah Badu, Common, The Pharcyde, D’Angelo, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Janet Jackson, and Prince. Dilla was just beginning to capitalize on his cult status when he sadly passed at age 32 due to Lupus-related complications. “Jay Stay Paid” is a […]

Steve Spacek
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After producing two stellar albums of ambient soul with his group Spacek, London-based singer and producer Steve Spacek set up in California and recorded his first solo album with occasional help from the likes of heavyweight producer J Dilla (R.I.P.) and legendary Motown figure Leon Ware. Released in October 2005, “Space Shift” on Sound In […]

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Cali producer GB with new album full of hiphop, soul & broken beats …
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E Ruscha V – Who Are You
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Image: 1617196 Beats In Space present Who Are You a new collection of free form, free flowing music from E Ruscha V.

Track Listing
1. The Hostess
2. Who Are You
3. Gravity Waves
4. Lights Passing By
5. In The Woods
6. Carried Away
7. Roots And Branches
8. Endless Sunday
9. All Of A Sudden
10. Blowing Through The Skies
11. In Miniature

Who Are You is a new collection of free form, free ?owing music from E Ruscha V. A wandering, wondrous search for identity rendered in brilliant musical shapes and forms, Who Are You resides in the transitional realm between calm and ecstasy. A meaningful moment along an artist’s transcendent path of self-discovery, and meaningful music to those who identify with a conscious universe.
Who Are You is the frst full-length release by Eddie Ruscha under his given name since donning the Secret Circuit guise in 2010 to administer an electronic antidote to the psychedelic / shoegaze dirge that dominated his formative music-making. Between Secret Circuit’s two 12” EPs and a colossal full length, Tactile Galactics, on Beats In Space in 2013 and now, Ruscha has remained wildly prolifc producing unfathomable fouron-the-?oor formulas for the best and brightest labels outside of Space.
The Secret Circuit hiatus suggests a return to self and an unmasked, untethered musical language, an approach Ruscha describes as “exploring melody that can mutate as different shades of beauty.” Rhythm plays a supporting role on Who Are You, an album with less concern over club constrictions and more contemplation of open, unbound spaces, areas in which Ruscha sees the music capturing “the feeling of a lost day.”
Who Are You further pares down the dub, tropicalia, and Afro / cosmic in?uences that have historically placed Secret Circuit at the dance music fringe, repurposing them as concerted instrumentals whose melodic themes are so lyrical they appear song-like, expressive without words. Brought to mind are similar instrumentalists such as Vini Reilly, Wally Badarou, Mark and Clive Ives of Woo, and contemporaries such as Gaussian Curve and Suzanne Kraft, a collaborator of Eddie’s.
A blend of electronic instruments with added emphasis on the ‘human touch’ of indigenous strings and guitar creates a parallel universe to WAY. On one track, the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer adds an immersive, score-like quality to the music, reanimating the romantic sides of the album’s retrospective in?uences without vintage fetishization. On the other, ECM jazz chords velcro to percussive patterns in compositions that feel simultaneously open-ended and total. The exploratory quality of the tracks when intersected embraces a sense of wandering and the album’s intentional ‘lostness.’
Ruscha describes Who Are You as spanning states “from calm to ecstatic but mostly in-between these.” Though it’s an elliptical view, the description points toward the liminal atmospherics of the music, which dispose of the many hallmark genre traces that informed Secret Circuit’s galactic journeying. For Who Are You, Ruscha was content to wander more intimate environments, in search of an uncharted music rippling with humble discovery.
Companioned with the release of Who Are You and available exclusively for mail orders of the full-length will be a bonus two-tape box set compiling four volumes of Secret Circuit’s Cosmic Papers recordings, three of which were originally released in limited quantities by Cali Thornhil DeWitt’s label Teenage Teardrops in 2010, (the fourth volume will make its public debut as part of the set). The Cosmic Papers cassettes used Daniele Baldelli’s cosmic tapes as a jumping off point: Ruscha treated his own various tracks to experiments in pitch shifting and sequencing to create a larger, blended picture or mood.
E Ruscha V’s Who Are You is available March 2, 2018 from Beats In Space on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

Artist Highlights
• E Ruscha V is the project of Los Angeles, California-based producer Eddie Ruscha
• Ruscha has previously released electronic music as Secret Circuit, co-founded the band 90s shoegaze band Medicine, and played in psychedelic rock band Maids of Gravity
• Ruscha’s list of collaborators include Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, DJ Harvey, Luke Wyatt, Suzanne Kraft, and Tim Koh (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffti).
• Who Are You is the frst music shared under Ruscha’s given name and will be released by Beats In Space Records.
• Atmospheric yet anchored by Ruscha’s analog touch, Who Are You resides in the transitional realm between calm and ecstasy.
• Beats In Space will offer a bonus two-tape box set compiling four volumes of Secret Circuit’s Cosmic Papers recordings in limited quantities as a D2C bonus
• Three of the Cosmic Papers recordings were originally released in limited quantities by Cali Thornhil DeWitt’s label Teenage Teardrops in 2010. The fourth volume will make its public debut as part of the set.
• UK psychedelic duo Woo will contribute a vocal and dub mix of the album’s title track “Who Are You”, to be released as a stand-alone digital single Available from 02.03.2018

Chico Mann & Captain Planet – Night Visions
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Image: 1608322 “Night Visions” ist eine Sammlung von Geschichten, die über eine ansteckende Mischung aus Afro-Latin Rhythmen und zeitgenössischen Dancefloor-Beats lebendig werden. Das Album hebt die kreative Symbiose von zwei der größten Namen im zeitgenössischen alternativen Latin Sound hervor. Das Ergebnis ist ein wirklich einzigartiges Album, das mit Gefühl und Rhythmik, die durch diese Songs fließen, einen universellen, attraktiven Sound für Herzen und Hüften auf der ganzen Welt zelebriert.

“This poppy piece has the potential to take Miami and Rio by storm.” – Wax Poetics
“Global music innovators Captain Planet and Chico Mann have forged their mutual love of Afro-Cuban rhythms with a collection of songs they’ll release in February. Today’s Top Tune takes flight with a sweet treat called” – KCRW
“5/5 – Nice One!” – Tim Sweeny (Beats In Space)
“Killer New Joints! 5/5” – Nickodemus (Turntables on the Hudson)
“Awwww yeah! 5/5” – Sammy Bananas (Fool’s Gold)
“DOPE!” – Anthony Valadez (KCRW) Available from 24.02.2017

Zoovox – Great Cats And Weak Dogs
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Image: 1597107 9 track LP of original material from Zoovox. Made with classic sounds of ana-digi machines of yore and filtered through some Norman-Whitfield-in-Jamaica 3D psychedelic dub. Music to ride to the depths in your submarine, then climb tropical volcanos with your gorilla pals. Due early June.


“Sounding good!” – Morgan Geist
“WOW, liking this a lot, Irene sounds amazing” – Mark E
“Sounds cool man!” – Justin Van Der Volgen (!!!/TBD)
“Sounding great!” – Dan Psychemagick
“Album sounds dope!” – Jan Schulte (Wolfmüller/Bufiman)
“Ohhh! Sounds great!” – Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space) Available from 12.06.2015

PBR Streetgang & X-Press 2 – Cosine (feat. Lauer / A Sagittariun RMXs)
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Image: 1595544 Two British house music duos team up for an almighty ‘ménage à quatre’ on Futureboogie this March, ably assisted by remixes from Lauer and A Sagittariun.

A1. Cosine (Original Mix)
A2. Key Free (Original Mix)
B1. Cosine (Lauer Remix)
B2. Cosine (A Sagittariun Futuro Re-Dream)

PBR Streetgang are no strangers to Futureboogie, having released the 2012 ‘Double Boogie’ EP and are regular supporters of the label over the years. The Leeds based pair have racked up some great singles for the likes of Throne Of Blood, 2020 Vision and Wolf Music.

And X-Press 2 will need little introduction, suffice to say that Rocky & Diesel have been at the forefront of the house music scene since day dot, and a career that has spanned underground gems for Junior Boys Own to chart hits for Skint and so many great musical moments in between.

‘Cosine’ in its Original Mix perfectly encapsulates the sound of both artists, X-Press 2 bringing the dark and brooding atmosphere to the table whilst PBR indulge in some cosmically tantric arpeggiated synth work and a fathoms deep bassline, whilst vocal refrains and distant bells create the ambience. A very heavy mood piece from the team here!

The arp riff stays center stage for the two accompanying remixes of ‘Cosine’. Lauer, AKA Philip Lauer, goes for a more ethereal and piano driven take. As one half of Tuff City Kids (with Gerd Janson) and solo artist in his own right for labels like Running Back, Permanent Vacation and Beats In Space, Lauer provides a glossy and smooth re-rub of the original that demands for late night action!

The second remix of ‘Cosine’ comes from A Sagittairun, the Bristol based techno cosmonaut who has been releasing a myriad of deep techno and ambient dub sounds on his Elastic Dreams imprint. The ‘Futuro Re-Dream’ ramp up the energy levels, and takes the beat down electro alley, brimming with Detroit techno tropes, breakbeats and rave-esque bass for a funky & futuristic flashback moment.

‘Key Free’, the second original production from PBR & X-Press 2, goes super-size, with the melodious free wheeling keys providing the jack work over the industrious drum pattern. Deadly synth sweeps bring the depth as the booming kick and ricocheting claps push this one further into techno territory whilst retaining the swing and melody of another classy Futureboogie release.

Selected DJ reactions

James Zabiela – Cosine is wicked, digging the electro of A Sagittariun Mix
Ewan Pearson – Lauer Remix is arpeggio heaven, love it!
Laura Jones (Visionquest) – playing the A Sagittariun mix
Sei A – Cosine is great
Brett Johnson – A Sagittariun’s electro mix is dope
Tom Trago – Lauer & A Sagittariun remixes!
Moxie (Radio 1) – Feeling the Sagittariun mix, love the 80s electro vibe
Anja Schneider (Mobilee) – Double Trouble!
Peter Kruder – Love Cosine Original, will play
Phillipe Zdar (Cassius) – Really like Key Free
Hrdvision – diggin’ the A Sagittariun mix Available from 13.03.2015

Dr. John Blair – Respect
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Image: 1594895 Top quality reissue of the original 3C Records release of the hugely in-demand ‘Respect’ 12″ from electric violin virtuoso and academic Dr John Blair. Originally released back in 1983, this floor filling boogie rap bomb features production from the legendary Roy Ayers who expertly brings to life Blair’s incredible musicianship. The Doctor drops a cool positive vibe rap on Side A but it’s the instrumental on the flip that’s the real fire losing the rap in favour of some insane violin soloing. A big favourite of DJs like Rahaan, Sadar Bahar & DJ Harvey, being one of the standouts of his 2009 Beats In Space appearance.


A1 – Respect
B1 – Respect (Instrumental)
Available from 20.03.2015

Moreno Veloso – Coisa Boa
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Image: 1591355 Morenso Veloso is back with Coisa Boa his first album in 11 years out on Luaka Bop.

This is Moreno’s first album in 11 years!

What mindset were you in making this record, and was it different than how you thought about making records in the past?

Was there something new you wanted to accomplish?
There are many similarities between this record and records we made 10 years or so ago. The spirit, the concentration, how
we work on the sounds is very delicate. We’re always having fun but at the same time it’s not a crazy party, it’s still very
But there are also differences. On the first album, we worked on a specific sound for that band, with Domenico playing the
electronic stuff, in hopes of mixing the traditional Brazilian way of singing and guitar playing with a weird, electronic, new
sound. Now, we’re not thinking of that as much, just trying to make something we like and that’s a new way of doing things
for us. Before, we wanted to make it sound very new, but now we’re not trying to do that, just trying to do music. The recordings
were mostly done in Rio, but in total there were 9 different studios, some in Japan, some in Salvador, some in New
York. We just worked with friends, there were like 50 people involved in the record, and more than 30 musicians contribute
some sound to it.

Is it important to you to have other people with you during the process?
It’s not just important. Without my friends I could not make anything. I’m very shy, I’m very lazy, I get insecure about how
people feel when they hear our music. My friends are like fuel, they just make me work. On this record I worked with Pedro
Sa, another friend, he’s a guitar player that works with my father, Caetano, right now. The last three albums my father made,
he and I produced them. We formed this partnership very easily. He came to me and said, “let’s do another album, your
album.” I said I don’t know, but he said, “No no let’s do it! This is the time!” I was just living in Bahia when he came to me
and he just drove me to make it. We made it together, we produced the album together and that was amazing–A gift from
my friends. I’ve had a lot of fun with this album. Of course it’s very emotional sometimes, but I still like it when I listen to it
so I think, “Well that’s ok, let’s put it out.”

Will you play many shows?
Right now I don’t have a band together. I spoke to some other people
who are drummers and bassists, and they were ready to do it but we
haven’t really rehearsed yet. We plan to start playing in February or January.
There will be press and there will be radio!

3 songs in the new Richard Linklater film “Boyhood”
Appears on “Beats in Space” July 15th in conjunction with the film release.

Tracklist LP,
A1. Lá e cá
A2. Um passo à frente
A3. Em todo lugar
A4. Verso simples
A5. Coisa boa
B1. Jacaré coruja
B2. Num galho de acácias
B3. De tentar voltar
B4. Não acorde o neném
B5. Hoje
B6. Onaji sora Available from 17.10.2014

Lauer – Donner Lake EP
Friday, July 4th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Lauer – Donner Lake EP

Image: 1589811 Phillip “The Machine” Lauer ist zurück! Nach seinen Releases auf Running Back und Beats In Space, sowie der Wiederveröffentlichung seines Brontosaurus-Katalogs und seinen Aktivitäten mit Gerd Janson als Tuff City Kids, fand Lauer Zeit, um endlich eine neue EP für Permanent Vacation fertigzustellen. Drei Nummern voller Disco-Melancholie und House-Euphorie! Available from 13.06.2014

Yokto – Compost Black Label 114
Friday, June 20th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Yokto – Compost Black Label 114

Image: 1589452 Mit genialen, treibenden Grooves debütieren Yokto auf Compost Black Label, ein wahres Juwel in Sachen State-Of-The-Art House Musik. “Two For Wood” erhielt bereits Support von Marcus Worgull und Kristian von Âme, der den Track gleich in seinen Groove-Charts platzierte!


Nishinomaru is suuuuuupaa !!!  🙂 – Ian Pooley (Pooled)

Yuhu – very good one! –

This sounds really great.  Panamax will be getting plenty of spend from me. – Jimpster (Freerange)

Whaouuuu this is awsome. Ohhh yessss i would loooove to play this out. This is going to become a biiiiig one for me — I LOVE IT – Laurent Garnier

Sounds great! Would love to get it to play. Panamax is my favorite of the 3 right now. – Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space)

Nishinomaru is very nice! Will play at the end of my sets. – Gregor Tresher

I´m pretty much into “Nishinomaru”, really nice trip into soundscapes!!! – Marc Romboy

bam! ace ep – nishinomaru (what does that mean btw?) all the way for me. open air intro bliss. – Motorcitysoul

Die Two for Wood Platte ist Top! – Adriatique

Super ep! – André Lodemann (Bestworks)

Great release! will play! thanks,-) – Luna City Express / Norman Weber

Awesome, two for wood is great. – The Drifter (Maeve)

Killer ep! – Ali Tillett (Warm / Plastic People)

Ich bin absolut verliebt in Two for Wood! Der Track ist der absolute Hammer und ich kann es kaum erwarten den am Wochenende zu spielen – Sandrino (Innervisions / Mood Music)

Nishinomaru – Hammer! Die ganze Platte klingt super! – Matthias Meyer (Watergate)

Panamax is great and like a movie soundtrack… exciting and interesting.Two for wood is my favourite for the dancefloor. Great package, will play for sure! – Andre Gardeja

Also die yokto finde ich supergeil….vielen dank für den coolen stuff – Roland Appel

Available from 30.05.2014

William Onyeabor – World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is
Thursday, November 14th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on William Onyeabor – World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is

Image: 1583616 In the early 21st century, a shadowy figure rose from the dust that settled atop forgotten record collections throughout Africa, leaving behind
a trail of clues in what seemed like a wild good chase, but in October 2013, Luaka Bop will unmask a phantom: the great William Onyeabor.

“…anyone out there making music at the moment will be quite excited by this…” Damon Albarn
“…a synth-slathered prog-funk killer…” – Pitchfork
“talk to @LuakaBop about details of the William Onyeabor comp they are working on today… gonna blow minds!!!!!!!!!” – Four Tet

Promotional Assets
Covers & Remixes by Devendra Banhart, Man Tear (DFA) & Hess Is More, Caribou, Dam-Funk, Justin Strauss, Scientist, Optimo, Prince Language, Illum Sphere, James Holden, Peaking Lights, etc.

Art collaborations with John Akomfrah, Njideka Akunyili, Harrison Haynes, Dave Muller, Odili Donald Odita, Xavier Simmons and music videos by Brian Baderman, Mike Sumner & Kindess. Partnership with Moog, Boiler Room, DubLab, Beats in Space & East Village Radio. Events at Moog Fest, Pop Montreal, Le Comptoir General

1. Body and Soul
2. Atomic Bomb
3. Good Name
4. Something You Will Never Forget
5. Why Go To War
6. Love Is Blind
7. Heaven and Hell
8. Let’s Fall in Love
9. Fantastic Man
10. When the Going is Smooth & Good*
11. The Way to Win Your Love*
12. Jungle Gods*
13. Love Me Now*
*LP Only


Available from 25.10.2013

Crystal – Break The Dawn / From Red To Violet
Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Crystal – Break The Dawn / From Red To Violet

For the Break the Dawn / From Red To Violet 12″, the brightly shining tenth release from Beats In Space Records, Tokyo-based producer Crystal breaks out with a track meant to shred the dark veil of night to reveal a golden sunrise. According to Crysta…

The Volcano Brothers – Neocolonialism Is Strong Tea
Thursday, July 25th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on The Volcano Brothers – Neocolonialism Is Strong Tea

Very little to go on here, but the music will surely do the talking! The Volcano Brothers are a mysterious group who have put together these two African edits that have been featured on the Beats In Space radio show and in the record box of Tim Sweene…

Tornado Wallace – Desperate Pleasures
Thursday, July 18th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Tornado Wallace – Desperate Pleasures

Image: 1582061 Lewie Day – aka Tornado Wallace – ups the meteorological ante and turns in some laser-guided, ethno-hypno, eco-lectro jams for the eighth Beats In Space Records release.

The three tracks of Tornado Wallace’s Desperate Pleasures EP sound like the work of a comfortable yet adventurous producer who isn’t afraid to take a simple yet exotic theme and stride to the other side of the jungle. According to Wallace, this is “music for darker times in warmer climes, for where there is sun there are shadows.” What began as in-the-moment experiments with an assortment of old synths, drum machines, and dusty library records evolved into three super dapper, viscerally contaminated compositions, each one more zoned in / out than the next.

Drawing from 70s kraut, 80s post-punk, electro, and 90s house and trance, the ten plus years of producing / DJ experience that Wallace boasts allow for all of these elements to fuse together quite tastefully and strikingly at that. Ultimately, these Tornado jams dodge genre conventions for a curious and compelling outcome.

Each 12″ from Beats in Space Records features original artwork in considerate and serial form. This 12″ features the tropical creature comforts of Californian Steven Harrington and is pressed on tri-colored, Day-Glo splattered wax. The 12″ packaging constructed by Will Work For Good features a removable vinyl BIS logo cling.

– OKAVANGO DELTA Available from 28.06.2013

Femi Kuti vs KCRW – Eh Oh / One Two
Thursday, July 4th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Femi Kuti vs KCRW – Eh Oh / One Two

Image: 1581033 This latest release on Craig Bratley’s ever-essential Magic Feet is a 10″ which features two remixes of tracks from Femi Kuti’s album ‘Day by Day’ which have never been released on vinyl before.

The remixes were commissioned as part of a unique creative collaboration between Mercer Street / Downtown Records and the Santa Monica-based public radio station KCRW. And were originally featured on a limited edition compilation CD that was only available as a membership premium during KCRW’s bi-annual pledge drive to raise funds to support the station’s programming.

Liza Richardson’s remix of ‘Eh Oh’ first came to Craig Bratley’s attention when Sean Johnston featured it on his Beats In Space mix. (The engineer on the remix, Jake Davies, was previously Sean’s partner in The Hardway Bros). With Magic Feet becoming established, Craig decided to license the track in order to make it available to vinyl lovers.

To complete the package we have Garth Trinidad’s Fiyah Dubb of ‘One Two’, which has additional production by The Mad Scientist.

300 copies only Available from 14.06.2013

Various – The Very Polish Cut-Outs Vol.1
Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – The Very Polish Cut-Outs Vol.1

Image: 1579881 After storming the charts in 2012 with mysterious 7″ championed by Todd Terje & many others, Zambon & Kapsa – the guys from The Very Polish Cut Outs are back with more goods! Following the successful debut, they bring us a delicious 12″ release with 4 amazing edits based on obscure Polish records from the 80’s.

A Side is curated by Ptaki, a mysterious duo hailing from Warsaw. Ptaki (which means birds in Polish) fly high and want to keep their true identity under the radar. Nevertheless, they serve two amazing cuts here, both based on obscure Polish jazzfunk. ‘Krystyna’ is the choice cut, with its infectious vocal hook and irresistible groove. ‘Marek’ is a piece of wonderful Balearic slow house with rich rhythm and crazy synth action in the middle.

B Side comes from Maciek Sienkiewicz, one of the finest purveyors of Balearic grooves in Poland. Two tracks served here wouldn’t sound out of place in Alfredo’s set. ‘Song For Mohindar’ is the lead track, with its ethereal new-age atmospherics and exotic instrumentation. ‘Syntetyczna Kobieta Lux’ is an electronic burner that you may (or may not) know from last year’s TVPC Beats In Space show.

All tracks were carefully mastered and pressed on fat & loud 12inch to maximize your pleasure of discovering forgotten gems from Poland’s rich musical past.

This record comes in a lush sleeve, designed by one of the most talented young Polish designers.

Already gaining support from Eddie C, Soft Rocks, Coyote, Phil South, The Project Club, Rune Lindbaek, Sleazy name a few… What’s not to love?

A1. Ptaki – Krystyna
A2. Ptaki – Marek
B1. Maciek Sienkiewicz – Syntetyczna Kobieta Lux
B2. Maciek Sienkiewicz – Song For Mohindar Available from 03.05.2013

Selvagem – Edits
Thursday, July 7th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Selvagem – Edits

Brasilian crate diggers and party starters Selvagem deliver two savage reworks on Disco Deviance for their debut release on the imprint.Already highly respected DJs in their homeland with legendary parties in Sao Paulo and Rio, this DJ and production …

Staff Charts 2014
Friday, December 19th, 2014 | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on Staff Charts 2014

Das Jahr 2014 neigt sich dem Ende entgegen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir wieder einige der Angestellten von Groove Attack, Rough Trade Distribution und GoodToGo befragt, was ihre ganz persönlichen musikalischen Highlights der vergangenen zwölf Monate waren. Nachfolgend haben wir ihre Antworten aufgelistet. Gleichzeitig möchten wir die Gelegenheit nutzen und uns bei allen Geschäftspartnern, Medienpartnern, […]

New York Endless – Strategies EP
Friday, September 19th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on New York Endless – Strategies EP

New York Endless is the first appearance on vinyl of New Jersey born New Yorker Dan Selzer. You may not have heard of him, but many of your favourite producers, bands and DJs massively respect his record collection and ear.Dan has been involved in mus…

DMX Krew – Reith Tracks
Monday, November 25th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DMX Krew – Reith Tracks

Ed DMX drops this brilliant mini LP of electronics that he recorded last summer on an old farm in Reith, Austria. Emotive stuff, that destroys! Big Sound. BIG Tip!”man, this project sounds good. (it also) sounds clean, ‘analogy’, fat and all those thi…

Selvagem – EP
Thursday, July 18th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Selvagem – EP

Selvagem is both the name of the DJ duo as well as the name of their monthly party in Sao Paulo, Brazil.It’s a monthly sunset party that is considered one of the best in the city. They have hosted DJs such as Twitch from Optimo, Severino from Horse Me…

DJ Steve – Special Cuts #3 & 4
Thursday, April 4th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Steve – Special Cuts #3 & 4

“A few years ago I took a journey to Europe searching for a new sound. People along the journey had been telling me about this guy from Tropea, Italy called DJ Steve (named after his favorite musician, Stevie Wonder). He’s a butcher there by day, but …

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 | Tags: , , , , ,
Posted in Charts, Magazine | Comments Off on Bicep

Bicep are a duo that hail from Belfast, brought together through a common obsession with all things analog. Their blog, Feel My Bicep, has grown to be the first port of call for those searching for cutting-edge and hard-to-find disco (nu and old) / Chicago-house / Detroit techno / Italo / edits and the like. […]

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