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Saturday, Jan 27 2018 | 11:51
Image: 1617642 Frank is the latest release from Dolfin Records, a Texas indie label
with a prominent underground roster that includes rapper Lord Byron,
producer Ben Hixon, R&B singer Jon Bap, and former Stanley Clarke
drummer Mike Mitchell. Liv.e is one of the newer artists on the label,
having previously collaborated with Hixon through a series of DJ parties
in Dallas (“New Math Mondays”). Hixon and Bap have significant marks
on this project, providing production, mixing, and background vocals. The
beats they lend are often heavy on the drums, with short, hazy riffs that
resemble Dilla-style syncopated loops.
Frank opens with a short hiss, launching into a jittery pattern of cymbals
and drums, stinging bass slaps, and bouncy guitar riffs. You can almost
see the tape reels rolling in front of you as the instrumental loops play
themselves out with occasional flutters and skips. A chorus of voices
enter with harmonies out of the George Clinton songbook, blending in
behind the slow, finger-snapping beat. It sounds more like a lost, dusty
funk recording from the ’70s than an R&B song made in 2017.
-Nitish Pahwa (Passion Of The Weiss)

1. Come In
2. O.M.M.
3. Clouds (Interlude)
4. 93
5. Freshsunburns (Fade Away)
6. Needyougone
7. Unfold, Pt. 1 Available from 09.02.2018
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