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Monday, Jan 15 2018 | 14:53 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Andy CooperAndy Cooper is an accomplished songwriter, performer, producer and arranger who hails from and resides in Long Beach, California. After graduating from Poly high school in the mid-1990’s, Andy helped form and produce the Hip-Hop trio Ugly Duckling which, over the span of 20 years, released six albums while frequently touring the globe, their success has taken them to over 30 countries. Aside from Andy’s work with U.D., he’s written and recorded with international artists like Japan’s ‘M-Flo’ and Jamaica’s ‘Ginja’ while, at the same time, creating numerous themes tracks for ‘Rough-Cut TV’ in Great Britain. Recently, Andy wrote 16 songs for ‘Recorded In Hollywood’, a musical about the famous, Los Angeles record shop ‘Dolphin’s of Hollywood’, the show debuts at ‘The Lillian Theater’ in April of 2015. In whatever time he could carve out while all of this was going on, Andy began work on his first solo project called ‘The Free EP’, a six song collection that showcases his skill as a rapper, producer and D.J.

Andy is constantly writing new music and developing production ideas for various projects. In the end, it is his great dream to contribute, in some way, to a classic, Popular song. He is married to his wife Tina who grew up in Scotland and the couple frequently reside in her hometown of Kirkcaldy; Andy prefers the sunshine of southern California.

Andy’s upcoming new album ‘The Layered Effect’ for Rocafort Records offers a punchy reminder of the creative fun to be had in digging for breaks, stringing up loops and layering up stratas of sound. Brimming full of delightful inflexions from the world of jazz, easy listening, film soundtracks and Hollywood voices, it’s a perfectly stitched sound patchwork that pays loving hommage to the classic, funky days of early rap. A touching testimony to the joys of Hip-Hop then and now …

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