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Saturday, Dec 23 2017 | 17:22
Image: 1617096 Big Crown records is proud to present the first single from The Shacks debut album
Haze, out worldwide March 30th. Since the release of their self titled EP in 2016 The
Shacks have been collecting fans that are fast becoming as hypnotized as we've
been since first hearing Shannon’s ethereal voice on top of “Strange Boy". Highlights
of the year have been opening tours for Chicano Batman, and Khruangbin, as well as
"This Strange Effect" becoming world famous via the Apple iPhone 8 ad campaign.
The A side, “Follow Me”, was one of the first songs recorded for Haze almost two
years ago. With “black mirror” esque lyrics over a hypnotic mid tempo groove, Follow
Me leaves you feeling joyful, calmed, and queasy, all at the same time.
The B side “Texas” is an another song from their upcoming album. Recorded in Max
Shrager's home studio in Princeton and then finished with Leon Michels at the
Diamond Mine in Queens. Texas is a perfect representation of The Shacks signature
sound with Shannon’s voice balancing out the gritty yet smooth production.

B-SIDE: TEXAS Available from 12.01.2018
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