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Thursday, Dec 21 2017 | 23:21
Image: 1617102 The intriguing character known as Zackey Force Funk is bringing his
psychedelic brand of future funk to MoFunk Records, one of the prime
players in the ever-expanding world of modern funk. Designed as an
appetizer for his full-length MoFunk project, Zackey brings you “Slow
Attack,” a track that delivers on the promise of its title, with brooding,
ominous, synth-heavy production from Liquid Pegasus. It’s the kind of
track that demands play in a lowrider driving straight from the darkest
corners of hell.
The flip, XL Middleton’s “You’re So Different,” is a bonus track from his
“Things Are Happening” LP, previously only available on the CD release.
It’s a perfect counterpoint to Zackey’s A-side, a frenetic slice of modern
electro-funk, drenched in loose synth lines and staccato bass notes,
as Middleton delivers sly commentary on those who falsely declare
themselves intellectually superior. It’s a dance floor filler with a cynical,
yet humorous message intertwined.

Zackey Force Funk
• One of the most high profile artists in the modern funk scene
• Known for past collaborations with Egyptian Lover, Kutmah, Salva, Mike Gao and others
• Host of Modern Funk Fest event seriesXL

• Recording artist and producer with collaborations and remixes with B. Bravo, Egyptian Lover, Kokane, Leon Ware and others
• Multiple tours in Europe and Japan
• Co-organizer of Modern Funk Fest event series Available from 19.01.2018
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