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Monday, Oct 30 2017 | 19:28
Image: 1616394 Lightnin' Rod is just one of the many pseudonyms
used by Jalal Mansur Nuriddin, often referred to
as the "Grandfather of Rap." A prolific wordsmith
and orator throughout the 1970s, Nuriddin was
one of the founding members of the influential
poetry collective known as The Last Poets, who
have been cited as one of the earliest influences
on the development of hip-hop music, breaking
ground for the genre with lyrical performances
that were frequently political, and emphasized the
African-American consciousness.
Nuriddin's opus is arguably the first album he
released as Lightnin' Rod: a concept album fusing
poetry with jazz-funk titled Hustlers Convention.
A record which told the gritty, and unabridged
stories of two fictional pimps, against a backdrop
of urban sprawl and decay, against an
instrumental foundation of swaggering rhythms
and grooves, provided by top shelf contributors
like Kool & The Gang and Billy Preston.
Hustlers Convention was an integral part of
hip-hop's timeline of development, and though it
never received the credit it's long been due, it's
considered something of a Holy Grail among
crate diggers, and a wealth of sampling content
for the likes of hip-hop heroes like Wu-Tang Clan,
Madlib, & Digable Planets, and electronic wizards
like Aphex Twin, and The Prodigy.

A1. Sport
A2. Spoon
A3. The Cafe Black Rose
A4. Brother Hominy Grit
A5. Coppin' Some Fronts For The Set
A6. Hamhock's Hall Was Big
B1. The Bones Fly From Spoon's Hand
B2. The Break Was So Loud,
It Hushed The Crowd
B3. Four Bitches Is What I Got
B4. Grit's Den
B5. The Shit Hits The Fan Again
B6. Sentenced To The Chair Available from 24.11.2017
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