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Monday, Oct 30 2017 | 19:28
Image: 1616390 In the whole of R&B history, the story of 70s
jazzy-soul group Leo's Sunshipp is one of the
more tragic tales. So named for the Leo starsign
under which lead singers Kenny Stover, Johnny
Simone, and Alvin Few, resided under, the trio's
breezy, freewheeling take on soul music owed a
debt of gratitude to Marvin Gaye, for whom Stover
and Simone had been backing vocalists for at one
point. The three eventually met to form Leo's
Sunshipp and immediately got to work recording
a full-length album, of which only four songs were
seen to completion. Not long after, Simone fell ill
and died of cancer in his early thirties.
The four tracks were initially blocked from release
by Stover, who later joined the group Finished
Touch, but they eventually saw release through
Lyons Records, who released them alongside
instrumental and alternate mixes of the four
tracks as We Need Each Other, in 1978. The
album is an eight-song collection of infectious,
emotionally unrestrained smooth soul, with
summery vibes that bring to mind all the best
parts of a Roy Ayers Ubiquity arrangement.
These vibrant songs found new life in covers by
Bobby Womack, Lulu, and Tavares, as well as
sampling in tracks by Madlib, and
Action Bronson.

A1. Give Me The Sunshine (Vocal)
A2. I'm Back For More (Vocal)
A3. Get Down People (Vocal)
A4. Madame Butterfly (Mini-Tro)
B1. Madame Butterfly (Vocal)
B2. I'm Back For More (Mini-Tro)
B3. Give Me The Sunshine (Mini-Tro)
B4. Get Down People (Mini-Tro) Available from 24.11.2017
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