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Jan 16, 2018
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Wednesday, Oct 25 2017 | 20:23
Image: 1616304 Official reissue of the Austrian prog-psych masterpiece. An indescribable trip influenced by Pink Floyd,
Soft Machine and Procol Harum, but greater than the sum of its parts. All vocals in English.
“6 stars” – Hans Pokora

Paternoster, that UFO of a rock album released unceremoniously on a custom-pressed CBS Austria
long player in 1972, is the stuff of legend. It’s been known to the rock collecting elite since the 1980s,
when it was first rediscovered, and it quickly became one of those rock records, the records you hear
about only if you know someone who knows someone with a copy, much like Damon’s
Song of a Gypsy.
Paternoster is a terrifying album, a collection of songs that traverses the sublime, and thus
necessitates a bowel-loosening acceptance of beauty too complicated to merely admire, bowing
under the weight of a tremendous atmosphere, accentuated by Gothic organs and scorching fuzz
guitar, punctuated by wailing vocals detailing visceral, Bosch-like images, and carried by enveloping
bass and syncopated, mixed-well-too-loud-and-thankfully-so drums.
Includes download card for WAV files of the entire album and a digital version of the booklet with the
story of this mysterious album, told for the first time, in English and German.

A1. Paternoster
A2. Realization
A3. Stop These Lines
A4. Blind Children
B1. Old Danube
B2. The Pope Is Wrong
B3. Mammoth Opus O Available from 01.12.2017
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