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Wednesday, Oct 25 2017 | 20:23
Image: 1616305 Hailing from Britain, with origins in Guyana,
Jamaica, and St. Vincent, critics and historians
agree that the world simply wasn't ready for
Cymande. Formed in 1971, the band would
become renowned for their progressive, and
complex brand of funk music, which fused
elements of calypso, jazz, R&B, African music,
and British glam rock. Despite touring with Al
Green, performing at venues like The Apollo and
Soul Train, and having a Billboard R&B hit,
Cymande languished in obscurity before
disbanding in 1974, only to develop a widespread
cult following over the years, and become a
treasure trove for crate diggers and beatsmiths.
Though their debut album was not a monster hit
for Cymande, it allowed them enough fortunes to
re-locate to the US, where they further developed
their distinct blend of world-influenced funk, and
took in the political climate. Their stay in America
led to their 2nd album, 1973's
Second Time Round, which cultivated
afro-inspired arrangements, as well as fusions of
reggae and jazz, and a touch of social
commentary thrown in. While Second Time
Round didn't reach even the minor level of
success of Cymande's debut, it did render a
dancehall monster in the track "Fug", and
numerous other underrated soulful classics. A
definite must for any deep funk historian worth
their salt.

A1. Anthracite
A2. Willies' Headache
A3. Genevieve
A4. Trevorgus
A5. To You
B1. For Baby Ooh
B2. Fug
B3. Crawshay
B4. Bird
B5. Them And Us Available from 17.11.2017
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