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Wednesday, Oct 25 2017 | 20:23
Image: 1616310 Even if Hamilton Bohannon had never started his
own solo musical project, he would have a long and
rich background to his name. Before the 60s had
ended he'd played in local bands with Jimi Hendrix,
toured as a drummer with Stevie Wonder, and
served as the bandleader and arranger at Motown,
providing backing for top-like acts like Smokey
Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, and many
more. Gradually he made his way to Los Angeles to
sign with Dakar Records in 1972, recording and
releasing his debut album the next year, after
recruiting a backing band which included session
giants like Ray Parker Jr, Wah Wah Watson, Eddie
Watkins, and Leroy Emmanuel, to name but a few.
Stop & Go was released in 1973, and featured a
tried and true formula of hard-hitting, bass-heavy,
accented disco-funk. Although the album was only
a muted success on the Hot 100 charts, it excelled
on the club charts, making dancefloor hits out of
tracks like "The Pimp Walk", "It's Time For Peace",
and "The Stop & Go." It also featured Bohannon's
most well-known tracks, in the club banger "Save
Their Souls", which over time became a
frequently-used well of sampling material, notably
on tracks by Jay-Z, Large Professor, Kool G Rap,
Public Enemy, and DJ Vadim, among many others.

A1. The Stop & Go
A2. Getting To The Other Side
A3. The Pimp Walk
A4. Run It On Down Mr. D.J.
B1. Save Their Souls
B2. Singing A Song For My Mother
B3. It's Time For Peace
B4. Happiness Available from 17.11.2017
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