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Tuesday, Oct 24 2017 | 20:23
Image: 1615555 Texas funk music is amongst the highest regarded styles in the genre, a unique
mixture of jazz, blues, R&B and James Brown’s syncopation that evolved in
metropolises like Houston (Kashmere Stage Band), San Antonio (Mickey and the Soul
Generation), Austin (James Polk and the Brothers) and Dallas. Dallas birthed a variety
of independent labels, Soultex and Doin Our Thing amongst them. But no one in
Dallas, Texas or America, created a run of 7” singles like Timothy McNealy did on his
Shawn imprint. When it comes to heavy, funk music, in Dallas – in Texas –
Timothy McNealy is king. This means that when it comes to funk music, in general,
McNealy is hallowed.
Yet McNealy’s music has never been collected as an album, nor reappraised in its
totality. A series of 7” single reissues have come out in the past 15 years, including his
masterpiece “Sagittarius Black,” a psychedelic funk instrumental that has been a
cornerstone in every fan’s rediscovery of the genre for the past 20 years. But this is
the first time that his music is presented in its totality, giving the enlightened fan an
opportunity to hear the breadth and depth of his Funky Movement.
Available from 24.11.2017
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