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Friday, Oct 20 2017 | 02:18
Image: 1611980 Undisputed ESP-Disk classic back in print!

Track Listing/ISRCs:
A:1. "Bells" 19:45
B:1: "Vibrations" (a.k.a. "[tune Q]2") 7:49

Personnel: A:1: Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone,
Donald Ayler, trumpet, Charles Tyler, alto
saxophone, Lewis Worrell, bass, Sunny Murray,
drums. Recorded live at Town Hall, New York City,
May 1, 1965. Engineer: Richard Alderson
B:1: Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone, Gary Peacock,
bass, Sunny Murray, drums.

Recorded at Variety Arts Studio, New York City, July 10, 1964.
Engineer: unknown. Sound file/mastering
courtesy of Martin Davidson.

All compositions by Albert Ayler (Syndicore Music BMI).

Overview: The transitional Bells was just under 20 minutes, released originally as one side of a clear vinyl LP with the
other side empty of music. It was recorded at a May 1, 1965 Town Hall concert of ESP artists, displaying Ayler's new
group, which added Albert's brother Donald and Charles Tyler. The denser sound of "Bells" shows Ayler moving towards
the bigger sonic statement made on Spirits Rejoice, his September 23, 1965 Judson Hall session. By the way, "Bells" as
heard here is not, in fact, a single composition, rather, it is a medley moving from "Holy Ghost" to an unnamed theme
and then into "Bells" proper. ESP-Disk' founder Bernard Stollman was so excited by Bells that it was released without
delaying to record additional music to fill the other side of the LP. Both Donald Ayler and Charles Tyler were making
their recorded debuts, Tyler would go on to record for ESP as a leader (ESP1029, Charles Tyler Ensemble, and ESP1059,
Eastern Man Alone).
One vinyl pressing of Spiritual Unity in the ’60s substituted a different track for “Spirits.” Mr. Stollman had no memory of
how this had happened, but it was subsequently corrected and became a rarity known only to rabid collectors and ESP
fanatics. The one that is on all the CDs (except for one Japanese release with both) and all the rest of the vinyl editions is
the same tune as what is titled “Saints” on Witches & Devils (AKA Spirits, recorded on February 24, 1964). The
anomalous substitution, which does sound somewhat similar, is the same tune known as “Vibrations” on the album
Vibrations (AKA Ghosts) and as "[tune Q]2" in Revenant's Holy Ghost box set. Martin Davidson (owner of Emanem,
another indie label responsible for many groundbreaking jazz releases) suggested we include this mysterious rarity on
our 50th anniversary CD edition of Spiritual Unity, and supplied the sound file, for which we are grateful. We have kept
the vinyl edition of Spiritual Unity as originally intended. How to get it out on vinyl, then? Well, Bells has long had plenty
of open space on its B-side...
Press Quotes:
"...tenorman Albert Ayler has probably, next to Coltrane and Cecil Taylor, held the most sway on the direction of
improvisation from a "thematic" or ˜phrase-based" approach to that of a purely sonic one." - Clifford Allen, All About
Jazz Available from 01.12.2017
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