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Wednesday, Oct 11 2017 | 20:11
Image: 1615684 In 1976, jazz keyboardist Weldon Irvine was
in a transitional phase of his career. Having
spent years as Nina Simone’s band leader,
he had developed into a full-formed, mature
musician by the early 70s, creating a sound
that combined modern jazz, soul, funk and
blues with an underlying social and spiritual
Sinbad, his last ever album for a major label,
marked the high point of that period. Mixing
original songs with covers by Marvin Gaye
(“What’s Goin’ On”) and Stevie Wonder
(“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”), Irvine led
an exemplary group of players—guitarist Eric
Bale, saxophonist Michael Brecker and a
breakout performance by pianist
Don Blackman, who also supplied
vocals—on an ambitious, intricate musical
journey that’s both technically brilliant and
emotionally striking. Afterwards, Irvine found
further success in writing musical stage
productions, leaving Sinbad as one of his
final—and greatest—recordings.

A1. Sinbad
A2. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
A3. What's Goin' On?
A4. I Love You
B1. Do Something For Yourself
B2. Music Is The Key
B3. Here's Where I Came In
B4. Gospel Feeling Available from 03.11.2017
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