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Friday, Oct 06 2017 | 03:28
Image: 1612085 From the 1971 Spanish translation of a popular Japanese
film and TV character comes the inspiration for a strange
and haunting series of sonic vignettes. Like the character
from which it takes its name — Zatoichi, a blind masseur
and gambler who is also a skilled swordsman — the music
coalesced outside the familiar contexts of rhythms, genres
and tropes. Written over a period of two years in the heart
of New York City and the nearby countryside, the two
albums that form the Reto A Ichi debut represent a return of
sorts for their creator, Guillermo Scott Herren. Known for
challenging norms and forging new paths as Prefuse 73,
with this new project Herren hews closer to the light
touches and compositional aspirations of early aliases like
Delarosa & Asora and Savath & Savalas. But even those
references only explain so much. Reto A’ichi is a project
that aims far beyond the easy expectations of genre,
instead seeking to draw listeners into the unexpected,
blind but never without guidance

01 These Times Are Closing (Intro)
02 Gambling in the Snow
03 Let the Pianos Freeze
04 No Juntos
05 It's Her Birthday
06 A Sword in the Rain
07 Zato Lullaby Pt.2
08 All Regrets
09 The Leaning Tower of Our Leaders
10 Tuesday Always Awful
11 Percussions, Hearts and Airs
12 Broad Plant Pt.2
13 These Times Are Closing (Outro)
14 Not Enough Gravity (Reprise)

01 Criminality
02 The World According to West 50th Pt.1
03 So Contra
04 Pforever Reto
05 The World According to West 50th Pt.2
06 Duration Meditation
07 Everything in the Air
08 Magazine PM
09 Alone Moving Often
10 Noise Counter Melody
11 Mountainside Hillside
12 Ghost Arpeggio
13 I Think I'm Calm. I Think I'm Dry
14 Monday Be the Worst Day

• New alias of Guillermo Scott
Herren, also known as Prefuse 73
• 2xCD combines both LPs in
the series
• Contains comic visualization
of the music Available from 29.12.2017
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