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Friday, Oct 06 2017 | 03:28
Image: 1612083 Alone Moving Often, the second album, we find Reto A Ichi
away from the city, lost in the vastness of empty summer
houses and the complications that solitude brings. Sitting
in the prison of his own quiet, Reto A’ichi seeks to capture
the essence of silence: the compositions are stripped back
further ("Pforever Reto"), the instruments given prominence
("So Contra"), and the chaos of the city replaced by the
cacophony of nature ("Criminality").
To be alone, one must learn to constantly move in both
work and purpose. As the rest of the record unfolds, Reto A
Ichi comes to realize that nothing is ever truly quiet and that
to run from the world is to simply find yourself in another
part of it. A sense of acceptance for these unsettling
realities is reflected in the music, from the harsher tones
and frequencies that resonate throughout "Noise Counter
Melody" and "Ghost Arpeggio" to the heavy stroke of the
keys on "Alone Moving Often" and the haunting drone of
"Mountainside Hillside".

A1 Criminality
A2 The World According to West 50th Pt.1
A3 So Contra
A4 Pforever Reto
A5 The World According to West 50th Pt.2
A6 Duration Meditation
A7 Everything in the Air
B1 Magazine PM
B2 Alone Moving Often
B3 Noise Counter Melody
B4 Mountainside Hillside
B5 Ghost Arpeggio
B6 I Think I'm Calm. I Think I'm Dry
B7 Monday Be the Worst Day

• Part two of a two part series from
Reto A Ichi
• New alias of Guillermo Scott Herren,
also known as Prefuse 73
• LP includes download card Available from 17.11.2017
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