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Friday, Sep 29 2017 | 03:22
Image: 1611804 Das Team von Numero Group tut Punkrock-Fans im November einen sehr großen Gefallen. Dann veröffentlicht das Label ein Box-Set mit alten Songs von Hüsker Dü. Auf "Savage Young Dü" finden sich alle Songs, die die Band zwischen 1979 und 1982 aufgenommen hat, insgesamt knapp 70 Songs, 47 davon waren bislang unveröffentlicht. Außerdem erscheint dazu auch ein 144-seitiges Booklet, das die Geschichte und Bedeutung der Band ausleuchtet. Numero Group hat sich die Mühe gemacht, den besten Sound aus den schrammeligen alten Aufnahmen zu holen, die im Original auf SST Records erschienen sind. Damals hatte die Band kein Geld, sich um einen besseren Sound zu kümmern. Hüsker-Dü-Bassist Greg Norton: "Hearing this stuff for the first time in a couple of decades, I [was] realizing the historical significance of what we were doing at the time", erklärt er. "Of course, at the time, we were a bunch of kids playing rock 'n' roll in the basement. But the potential that Hüsker had showed right out of the gate."

"We created this blistering wall of sound - bright white radio static with occasional melody." - Bob Mould
"It was like rolling down a hill aware of the bumps, but focusing on blowing people's minds and completely wearing out the audience." - Grant Hart
"We didn't know what hardcore was. We just got up there and played real fast and loud." - Greg Norton
Package details:

- Formate: 3CDs / Tip on jackets / 144-page hardcover book / Linen-finished slipcase / 69 songs, 47 previously unissued / Flyerography / 40 previously unpublished photographs / 12,000 word essay by Erin Osmon / Sessionography by Paul Hilcoff / Remastered from the original analog tapes

Tracklisting: CD1 1. Do You Remember? 2. Sore Eyes 3. Can't See You Anymore 4. Picture Of You 5. The Truth Hurts 6. Do The Bee 7. Nuclear Nightmare 8. All I've Got To Lose Is You 9. Chinese Rocks 10. Uncle Ron 11. Data Control 12. Insects Rule The World 13. You're Too Obtuse 14. Outside 15. Sexual Economics 16. What Went Wrong? 17. Statues 18. Amusement 19. Writer's Cramp 20. Let's Go Die 21. Walk With The Wounded 22. Industrial Grocery Store / CD2 1. Drug Party 2. Call On Me 3. Termination 4. I'm Tired Of Doing Things 5. Stick It To Me 6. Wheels 7. All Tensed Up 8. Don't Try To Call 9. I'm Not Interested 10. Guns At My School 11. Push The Button 12. Gilligan's Island 13. MTC 14. Don't Have A Life 15. You're Naive 16. Strange Week 17. Big Sky 18. Ultracore 19. Let's Go Die 20. Won't Say A Word 21. Don't Try It 22. Private Hell 23. Diane 24. Sex Dolls / CD3 1. In A Free Land 2. What Do I Want? 3. M.I.C. 4. Target 5. Signals From Above 6. From The Gut 7. Blah, Blah, Blah 8. Punch Drunk 9. Bricklayer 10. Afraid Of Being Wrong 11. Sunshine Superman 12. Signals From Above 13. Everything Falls Apart 14. Wheels 15. Target 16. Obnoxious 17. Gravity 18. Do You Remember? 19. Travel In Opposite Car 20. It's Not Funny Anymore 21. Real World 22. Out On A Limb 23. It's Not Fair Available from 05.01.2018
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