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Tuesday, Sep 26 2017 | 21:19
Image: 1612125 Few funk groups have had as far-reaching an
influence as New Orleans band The Meters, the
project of keyboardist/vocalist Art Neville, and the
famed house band of Allen Tousaint. During their
mid-60s-to-late-70s heyday they released a
heavy mixture of instrumental and vocal albums
and singles of Louisiana-inflected soul, R&B, and
funk music that continues to inspire and marvel,
and get covered by groups and artists like Red
Hot Chili Peppers, Jaco Pastorius, Widespread
Panic, and even The Grateful Dead.
The Meters had already made a name for
themselves by 1969, as a backing act for the likes
of Lee Dorsey and Betty Harris, but their own
legacy as a group began that same year with the
release of their self-titled album debut. Their
distinct New Orleans swing set themselves apart
from the other funk groups of the time, as they
plowed their way through a bevy of groovy
instrumental tracks, including interpretations of
songs by Sly Stone and Buddy Buie. The Meters
was additionally noteworthy for the inclusion of
the track "Cissy Strut", which became a signature
tune for the group, a Billboard Hot 100 hit, and a
staple of hip-hop production, having been
sampled in tracks by N.W.A., A Tribe Called
Quest, 2 Live Crew, and Del The Funky
Homosapien, to name but a few. A staple of the
genre, that set a path for years and years of funk
music innovation and influence.

A1. Cissy Strut
A2. Here Comes The Meter Man
A3. Cardova
A4. Live Wire
A5. Art
A6. Sophisticated Cissy
B1. Ease Back
B2. 6V6 LA
B3. Sehorns Farm
B4. Ann
B5. Stormy
B6. Simple Song Available from 03.11.2017
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