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Feb 23, 2018
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Friday, Sep 22 2017 | 09:12
Image: 1612084 The Lapse of Exchange, is the sound of life as heard from a small
Chinatown window in downtown Manhattan, the thunder of populism on the horizon. The album opens with music that reflects the
inherent tension between the life of the artist — the self-doubt, the
late nights, the aspirations — and the world outside — the hustle
and bustle of a city that never sleeps, the wars abroad, the
politicians at home.
It's a tension felt in the repeating, circling keys of "Let The Pianos
Freeze", the pulsating rhythms of "No Juntos", or the call and
response of pitched vocal samples in "A Sword In The Rain".
Ultimately it all becomes too much for our unwitting hero: the car
horns outside the window, the 24 hour news cycle, the early
stages of an election that tears down any remaining semblance of
normality. Reto A’ichi can no longer grasp his humanity or connect
to that of people around him. With the walls closing in, he packs
his small life and escapes. This change in situation is reflected in
the second half of the album, with tension giving way to a rush of
emotions: modulated elation on "All Regrets", sweeping melancholy on "Tuesdays Always Awful", and soaring hope on "Broad
Plant Pt.2".

A1 These Times Are Closing (Intro)
A2 Gambling In The Snow
A3 Let The Pianos Freeze
A4 No Juntos
A5 It's Her Birthday
A6 A Sword In The Rain
A7 Zato Lullaby Pt.2
B1 All Regrets
B2 The Leaning Tower Of Our Leaders
B3 Tuesday Always Awful
B4 Percussions, Hearts And Airs
B5 Broad Plant Pt.2
B6 These Times Are Closing (Outro)
B7 Not Enough Gravity (Reprise)

• Part one of a two part series from Reto A Ichi
• Second album Alone Moving Often coming
late November
• New alias of Guillermo Scott Herren,
also known as Prefuse 73
• LP includes download card Available from 29.12.2017
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