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Image: 1612024 Agogo present the new self titled album from Supersoul.

Tracklisting LP:
A1. Feuer?
A2. Keine Liebe Mehr?
A3. Mein Name Ist Mensch
B1. Is Fäätt
B2. Der Apfel
B3. Mama
C1. Geld?
C2. Grundsolide
C3. Tanzen Gehen
D1. Dem Funk Sei Dank
D2. Rückt Zusammen

For more than 30 years music has been the most important thing in my life“ - this
is a clear and true to the heart statement by Soulsurfer, DJ and drummer for the
Hanover-based outfit named SUPERSOUL. And yes, SUPERSOUL are a real
band. A band in love with analogue instruments and mastering their craft. A rat
pack of five groove fanatics accumulating enough years, wisdom and experience
to tell truly authentic stories within their songs - songs which are taking the bands
audience on a journey into the 60s and 70s sound of Black America.
SUPERSOUL are playing Funk 'n' Soul on a hot, steamy, energetic and
passionate tip, performing self-written songs with stories told in the bands
mothertongue – German!
With Arne Busch as vocalist and band leader SUPERSOUL is built around a true
force. His vision and expression of Soul is phrased like the emphasis of a
preacherman's gospel whilst fat and funky grooves are masterly crafted and
carefully layered by Margot Gontarski and drummer Lars Heindorf a.k.a.
Soulsurfer, glazed with wah-wah-heavy licks played by guitar wizard Toni. Their
experienced interplay on the latest SUPERSOUL album is polished with loads of
analogue engineering magic at Studio Nord Bremen and perfectly complemented
by solos and arrangements of Lutz 'Hammond' Krajenski and seven other guest
musicians making and appearance on this longplay piece.
It's not big of a surprise that these musicians, all of them rich in experience due
to their contributions to other bands and projects, met in Hanover, Germany's
secret capital of Funk. But it is quite a surprise that it took that long for an album
to appear on the record store circuit that amalgamates German lyrics and urban
Funk in a previously unheard manner like SUPERSOUL does.
And for those who come across this longplay piece whilst being on their next dig
we go along the lines of the words by the famous man Miles Davis as „We
suggest to you to play this record at the highest possible volume in order to
appreciate the sound of SUPERSOUL“.

Arne Busch: Vocals
Toni Campioni: Guitar
Martin "Margot " Gontarski: Bass
Lars "Soulsurfer" Heindorf: Drums
Plus :
Lutz Krajenski: keys
Tino Vetter: percussion
Mica & Carina: backing vocals
York Ostermayer: saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
Horn Section:
Andreas Barkhoff: trombone Gary Winters: trumpet Felix Petry: tenor sax
mixed by Gregor Hennig and Supersoul. produced by Supersoul. Available from 27.10.2017
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