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Friday, Sep 15 2017 | 03:08
Image: 1611539 The new longplayer for the trio of Brother Wildman, Sister Maryjane and Maga Lion aka Emeterians! Following "The Journey" from last year (for the Peckings production team), it's time for the "Magic Touch", which is realised in collaboration with Stingray, the renown UK based Reggae recording studio and label that emerged as one of the leaders in the music field since it was founded in 1994 by the McLeod brother's. With a great bunch of musicians this new album is sure to please. especially for all the lovers of harmony vocal reggae. As the website says: The Emeterians have taken the unusual step of sharing lead vocals and harmonies, each singer having unique vocal qualities that compliment their plethora of tracks. Emeterians did not start out as Reggae singers. Between them they covered multiple genres however were drawn to Reggae music because it reflects their true beliefs and is in alignment with their spirit. Their very name, 'Emeterians' is a tribute to Emeterio's Rehearsal Rooms – holding special memories and a place in their hearts. Musically, through a combination of styles- Roots, Dub, New Roots and Revival Reggae, Emeterians successfully generate an original Jamaican flavour. The trio maximise this by executing their songs in different ways.

C r e d i t s
Drums: Paul "Jazzwad" Yebuah, Dave "Fluxy" Heywood, Alphonso Wilson, Ernie Wilks, Richie Davis, Trevor Fagan, Mark "Malachi" Winter,
Bass: Leroy "Mafia" Heywood, Peter Lewis, Glen "G-Vibes" Greaves, Isaiah Palmer, Ernie Wilks, Richie Davis, Kenton "Fish" Brown, Paul "Wrongmove" Crossdale, Fel Martins
Guitar: Tony Philips, Lincoln Thomas, Ivan Christie, Dalton Brownie, Ernie Wilks, Richie Davis, Valerie "Vybz" Skeete
Keyboards: Adrian McKenzie, Paul "Jazzwad" Yebuah, Leroy "Mafia" Heywood, Michael "Parchy" Parchment, Gregory Assing, Michael Johnson, Ernie Wilks, Cyrus Richards, Earl "Wire" Lindo
Horns: Patrick Tenyue, Brian Edwards, Lazaro Barrizonte, Henry "Buttons" Tenyue
Percussion: Henry "Buttons" Tenyue, Boom Donovan, Troy Ellis

All vocals recorded at Oktopus Music London, Oktopus Studio Madrid and Okoume Studios by Cosme Deyah and Mista T
Music mixed and recorded at Stingray Studios by Carl "Dillie" McLeod
Produced and arranged by C. & R. McLeod for Stingray Records
Mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion & Fox (Washington DC, USA)

1. Smile Powers
2. Sound Di Alarm
3. Begging For Love
4. It's You
5. Set Me Free
6. World Is Home
7. Together
8. Perfect Combination
9. Wadada
10. Tell Her
11. Vive
12. Freedom
13. Oh Far I

A quote by Reggaemani: "Emeterians – a vocal trio from Spain – has put out a beautiful new album. Vocal trios are unusual these days, but were very popular in the 60s and 70s when The Uniques, The Techniques, The Heptones and The Wailers ruled the dances. However, even in those days you hardly came across a trio consisting of both male and female vocalists. This is the case with The Emeterians. They have three lead singers – two male and one female. And it’s an excellent set-up adding plenty of depth to the songs."

More info, great photos, video links ans more:

Available from 27.10.2017
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