Friday, Sep 08 2017 | 03:04
Image: 1611581 Compiled by Houseshoes, Love n War is a melodious jaunt through
the mind of Los Angeles based producer, reallynathan. Creations
representative of a fve-year span, from 2010 to 2015, the tape is a true
portrayal of what reallynathan’s music exudes: tension and release.
Whether it’s the ambient production found on “Shine Off”, the more
traditional hip hop sound on “Trickery,” or the house in?uence on tracks
such as “imafreak”, the theme remains consistent, a search for freedom
from the turmoil within and around us. Love and war.
reallynathan credits his musical style to bay area roots, years spent
witnessing the growth of the LA beat scene, and his most recent
discovery of dance music while residing in NYC. If the name sounds
familiar, it could be from his days DJing and producing for the hip hop trio
Late Bloomers (Tres Records, 2011), or his past production for Cashus
King fka Co$$. In fact, it was his work on Cashus King’s Instrument of
Emotion project that led to his discovery by Houseshoes, paving the way
for fve years of tension flled productions to see a proper release.

1. Shine Off
2. LoveNWaR
3. SadBoi pt1
4. Dead Rulers
5. Fall Back
6. Non Existent
7. Trips to Vega
8. We Are
10. BurntDaze
11. SadBoi pt2
12. Trickery Available from 29.09.2017
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