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Friday, Sep 08 2017 | 03:04
Image: 1611099 Glow In The Dark presents his new album Into Existence.

A1. Underground
A2. Special One
A3. Arise
A4. The Key
B1. Sultry Creatures
B2. Hideaway
B3. got HYPE
B4. Into Existence

Harry Miller aka Glow In The Dark is neither to be found on any social media channel nor can
you google anything about him, let alone does he maintain a website. The man hides
completely behind his music and quite obviously in his studio. After his debut in February
earlier this year, now already a few months later, his second album drops, “Into Existence.”
Like his first album “Future Bliss” (SK336LP) the 8-track LP shines in a stylistic richness
encompassing musical landmarks like Nu Funk, Chill wave or Leftfield electro pop. But still
the eight songs, played in the right order, result in a coherent overall picture. Apparently
Miller's studio must be quite lugubrious. Or should one understand the dedication on the back
of the cover (“Dedicated to all the lovers that exist in the dark”) even as reflection of his
emotional perception? Listening to the music you tend for the latter.
“Hideaway” und “Sultry Creatures” both base on a vocoder voice which at the same time
sounds enraptured and also entranced. On “The Key”, though, you hear Miller's voice after all
(almost) unalienated. “got HYPE” is deceleration medicine in a dangerous dose. As well as
“Arise”, which seems not to originate from this world. By now, Glow In The Dark lives
probably in his very own universe and that's the reason why you can't find out anything
about him at all. Only too well did he send us this postcard in form of “Into Existence”, this in
every moment very impressive, very intimate album. Thanks.
Available from 20.10.2017
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