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Wednesday, Sep 06 2017 | 09:03
Image: 1611783 Foom presents the new Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra EP, Condo.

A1. Condo
A2. Neighbours
A3. Candy Store
B1. East Village
B2. Condominium

Foom presents the new Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra EP, Condo.
"Condo" (the title song) is a little-known gem from Peter Gordon's catalog,
pairing David Van Tieghem's motorik drum programming and found
percussion with the transparent and vibrato-free vocals of Rebecca
Armstrong (Armstrong was also a member of Steve Reich's ensemble, and
contributed vocals to the definitive ECM recordings of Steve Reich's Music
For 18 Musicians, and Tehillim). Prior to them working together, Nik Colk
Void (of Factory Floor) wrote to Gordon that: "(Condo) completely catches
my personality and when I feel disillusioned or need comfort, I always put it
on, and it makes me feel good and strong." Their correspondence
culminated in the Peter Gordon & Factory
Floor collaboration, Beachcombing.
The EP is comprised of a remastered version of the title track, "Condo"
(which originally appeared on 1981's Casino EP), along with 3 previously
unreleased tracks from the same 1981 sessions. "Neighbors" uses “Condo”
as its foundation, with Peter Gordon's solo on top, “Candy Store” sees the
full band iteration of the Love of Life Of Orchestra, including Rebecca
Armstrong on vocals, Fred Maher on guitar and Bill Laswell on bass, "East
Village" relies only on synthesizers and electronic percussion, with a chorale
layered upon a deep groove. The EP closer, "Condominium," is a nod to
those DJs who would play the title track at a slower tempo. The EP’s titles
are a comment on the gentrification of NYC’s East Village, which began in
the early 1980’s and continues to this day, driving out low-income residents,
including artists, writers and musicians, such as Gordon, Van Tieghem and
[Background: In 1981, Peter Gordon joined up with video artists Kit
Fitzgerald and John Sanborn to form Antarctica, a label devoted to releasing
new video music work. The Bologna-based Expanded Records label
released the CASINO EP (on which Condo originally appeared) with the
Antarctica imprimatur, in 1982. Gordon and Van Tieghem returned to
Aquarius Studios in Geneva in (where they had recorded Peter Gordon &
Love Of Life Orchestra's Genevaalbum the year before). Some of the tracks
from the Geneva II sessions appear on the Antarctica videos, NEW MUSIC
FROM ANTARCTICA LP and CASINO. The Antarctica label was unable to
sustain itself, however, which left a few tracks from the Geneva II sessions
unreleased until now.] Available from 13.10.2017
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