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Friday, Aug 11 2017 | 02:38
Image: 1611079 The Magic Ray (FKA Electronicat ) presents his debut self titled album.

Tracklisting LP:
A side
A1. The Magic Ray
A2. The Tuning of the Road
A3. In the Car
A4. The Enjoyment of Fear
A5. Black Maria
B side
B1. Novomode
B2. Purple and Green
B3. Sky Sunlight Sky
B4. Forever Morning Mind
B5. Hollywood

Dischi Autunno is the new label founded by Jennifer Cardini & Noura Labbani. Already at
the head of Correspondant since more than 6 years & internationally renowned DJ, Jennifer
Cardini launched this new structure at the start of 2017 with Dollkraut’s 2nd LP “Holy Ghost
People”. The label explores new territories withindie, rock, ambient, progressive and
experimental releases, oerfect for home listening experiences. Every label artworks &
images are conceived by Stevie Anderson.
The 2nd release on Dischi Autunno is the 1st album of The Magic Ray, new project of
established artist Fred Bigo aka Electronicat. The album is produced by Cosmo Vitelli.
Fred Bigo: “Work on The Magic Ray began in 2015 when, after playing him recordings of
a set of spontaneous compositions, Cosmo Vitelli offered to produce the album in his new
studio in Marzahn, located in the somewhat desolate far east of Berlin, Germany. We
worked on new arrangements of selected songs, and re-recorded guitars, bass, and
electronics. Live drums were laid down by skilled percussionist Chris Imler. Vocals and
lyrics were provided by the Scottish singer Catriona Shaw, as well as by the legendary Kid
Congo Powers who features on a rework of ‘The Enjoyment of Fear’, up until now only
available as a limited edition 7” vinyl”
Further production and arrangement was taken up by trusted colleague G.D.Luxxe, who
had previously produced the Electronicat album "21st Century Toy". The track “Sky
Sunlight Sky” was created in his studio in Vienna.
“The Magic Ray is not exactly a departure from what has been before. This Magic Ray
masters hillbilly motor skills, a transmutation of rhythms into notes and notes into rhythms.
This magic ray delivers a selection of beautiful voices, placing them here and there, it takes
its time and tries its hand at cruising through the cosmos. This magic ray consists of
photonic guitars that peal a dynamic impact. It is a form of light that, with its shimmering
nature, will strip you down, yet leave you masked in mystery, at the edge of a lake standing
amongst the dogs and the wolves. With its strings and various synths, this Magic Ray is as
electric as it sometimes may appear” Arnaud Maguet
From his beginnings in the experimental art and noise scene in late 90s in Paris, Fred
Bigo’s eclectic but deliberate blend of rock, noise and infectious rhythm has gained him
loyal fans from all over the world. His music bears a full understanding and respect for the
varied spectrum of popular music. Fusing this with a contemporary and experimental
edge, he has drawn the attention of musicians and producers, having worked together
with Foetus, Kid Congo Powers, Tim Gane, Ian Svenonius and Depeche Mode, His
versatility and skill has brought him into collaboration with a range of composers and
performers including Zbigniev Karkovsky, Kasper Toeplitz and Antonia Baehr. His musical
personae include Electronicat, Bader Motor, Melt Famas and currently ‘The Magic Ray’,
with which he has built up an impressive catalogue of releases on international labels. His
dynamic live concerts have gained him the reputation of being a wild and unpredictable
stage presence, assured to send any crowd into a rhythm-induced frenzy Available from 22.09.2017
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