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Friday, Aug 04 2017 | 08:32
Image: 1611268 Chicago’s Carington Pierre, also known as Lanzo, has bestowed
evidence of his cosmic hip hop beatology to the Cold Busted label in
the form of a new album, Omnipotent. Previously recording for BLVNT
Records and the Natural Selection label, Lanzo specializes in a style of
experimental hip hop that draws from boom-bap, soulful downtempo, and
atmospheres that lean toward the celestial. Lanzo and his trusty MPC
1000 have been actively producing since 2008 and Omnipotent confrms
his upward trajectory, presenting ffteen tasty sonic morsels that groove
in a confdent but abstract fashion.
Highlights include “Comfort Zone” which envelopes a swinging rhythm
in dreamy strings, distant voices, and rolling bass, and the odd but
appealing “Gutter Balls”, featuring some deliciously drunken synths.
There’s also the melancholy quiet storm of “Colours”, “Against The
Wall” and its heavily processed beat magic, and the loping sci-f jazz
of “Between Friends”. Omnipotent is a heady listen, displaying textures
and swirls that accentuate the sturdiness of its drum beats. Lanzo has
provided a distinctive soundtrack that’s ready-made for day blazing or
night groovin’.

1. Marianas Web
2. Hardware Native
3. Comfort Zone
4. Caution To The Wind
5. Gutter Balls
6. Insure This Planet
7. Between Friends
8. Major
9. Against The Wall
10. Think & Grow
11. Colours
12. Brainwork
13. Fears Den
14. Bump
15. Vacanc
Available from 22.09.2017
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