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Friday, Jul 28 2017 | 02:27
Image: 1611117 Tim Mislock presents his debut album No Is The Last Best Time.

01 / A1 Cut Adrift
02 / A2 A Conception Of Memory
03 / A3 Now Is The Last Best Time
04 / B1 It's Quiet Here
05 / B2 Lovekin
06 / B3 We Were A Silent Movie

• new label by Michael Gracioppo and Manfredi Romano AKA DJ Tennis
• produced by Dave Harrington
• 180g vinyl with download card

“I wanted to create a world that made the listener feel like they
were floating,” says Tim Mislock. “But I didn’t want it to feel like
floating in an unnatural or forced environment – like a sensory
deprivation tank – I wanted it to feel like you were in a boundless,
organic space like a lake or an ocean.”
This feeling of elemental immersion that Mislock has created is on
his debut solo album, Now is the Last Best Time, a guitar-centric
ambient record inspired by the Alzheimer’s caretaker experience.
Throughout the last decade, Mislock has watched his stepfather
deteriorate at the hands of the disease while his mother fulfils the
role of caregiver – her love, dedication and energy required
evermore as time goes on. The purpose of the concept record
was twofold. “I wanted to raise awareness of the disease,”
Mislock says. “The numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s
is growing with each generation. As the parents of those in my
generation grow older, Alzheimer’s disease will affect more and
more families. I also wanted to develop a historical document to
thank my mother and tell her that her generosity and kindness
have not gone unnoticed.”
While the album is vastly influenced by the stalwarts of the ambient world – Eno, Stars of the Lid, Eluvium – and some more
modern minimalist composers such as Max Richter and Jonny
Greenwood, there’s one particular piece of music that connected
deeply with Mislock during the process.
“The Sinking of the Titanic by Gavin Bryars was a huge influence
because it deals with such a tragic event but, musically, it creates
an emotional world that is somehow grounded in respect and
reverence for the event itself. I wanted to borrow from that idea,
since Alzheimer’s impacts so many people. I wanted to be
respectful to their struggles and emotions.” Ultimately, the record
is a sonic exploration of respect that pays homage to his greatest
influence: his mother. Available from 08.09.2017
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