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Thursday, Jul 27 2017 | 08:27
Image: 1611152 Transmitting crucial beats from Burlington, the Vermont-based
producers Es-K and Loupo have crafted a smooth, introspective
long-player for the Cold Busted label titled Symbiosis. Holland-born
Es-K (Essential Knowledge) is known for his monthly Spontaneous
Grooves series (where a collection of tracks are created in one
sitting) and his vital 2016 album Passages. Fellow VT rhythm-
wrangler Loupo is also on the rise, with a recent album on the
Melody Soul label named Good Company. This new collaborative
release, Symbiosis, is a brilliant meeting-of-the-minds, blending the
styles of these two talents over the course of ten tracks. The result
is deep and meaningful as well as groovy and ‘headz approved,’
showcasing the duo’s penchant for envelope pushing in terms of
atmosphere, melody, and rhythm.
From the opening chords of “Aqua” – reminiscent of expansive works
from the likes of Lonnie Linston Smith – Symbiosis sets itself apart in
the realm of beat-conscious production projects. Sparkling Rhodes
piano, a winding jazz bass line, and an overall pensive vibe lead
midway into a funky drum part, which almost seems curiously added
as an afterthought. The fusion-istic instrumentation and understated,
downbeat rhythm flavor continue throughout Symbiosis, shining on
cool cuts like “Road To”, the tough, slow motion stepper “Gavel”,
“TwoTone” with its jerky beats and film noir attitude, and “CooLit”s
cosmic quiet storm meditation. Es-K and Loupo are onto something
unique and special, and Symbiosis lays out their fruit of their sonic
exploration for all to enjoy.

1. Agua
2. Valerian Root
3. Nitelites
4. Road To
5. Gavel
6. Virtuality
7. Two Tone
8. Shut
9. CooLit
10. April Available from 25.08.2017
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