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Thursday, Jul 13 2017 | 08:14
Image: 1610901 From Portland’s burgeoning music scene comes a creative statement
in the form of “Tease”, the full length collaborative album by singersongwriter Blossom and producer HOT16.
Meticulously thought out in every detail, “Tease” shows the work of
two sophisticated artists making their mark with an expertly written,
performed, and produced LP that will undoubtedly fnd its way into
your home and heart.
What started as a single guest feature quickly transformed into a
full 8-song joint venture when it became instantly clear that the two
artists brought out the best in each other. Blossom’s poetic lyrics and
emotive tones meld effortlessly around HOT16’s unique production.
Strong, Black, and imbued with Magic, Blossom shows depth &
feeling in every note while HOT16’s soulful tracks work as the perfect
backdrops for her beautiful odes to identity, empowerment, love, and
its accompanying heartache.
With a multitude of styles re?ected on the album, each song can
rightfully stand on its own. However, “Tease” is best understood
within the context of the whole, as genres are allowed to meld
together and a its larger narrative unfolds.
Take note, as the album is both a sonic world unto itself, as well as
only a Tease of what’s to come.

1. Your Heart
4. SuperWoman
5. Get Over It
6. Dreaming
8. So Cool Available from 13.10.2017
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