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Friday, Jun 30 2017 | 02:05
Image: 1610607 “Songs of love sung by robots”
From the moment this machine is booted BOP begins buzzing with
kinetic warmth. This is something characteristic of Swarvy’s sound, the
LA-by-way-of-Philly musical polymath with a vast catalog including sunsoaked live instrumentals, jazz-infused loops and lo-f gems. With BOP,
he is musical mad scientist, ?aunting his technical fnesse as he plunges
into the realm of abstraction.
Swarvy makes his mark in BOP even while grappling with its colder,
industrial elements. With broken rhythms and jagged textures, he pieces
together tunes of emotive beauty. The result is undeniably playful and
delightfully odd, something like songs of love sung by robots.
Through its wavy ambience runs a current of aural ephemera - bits of
speech samples, bossa riffs, and R&B with opaque origins. BOP’s genrebending tracks will take you to ten compelling dimensions, forming an
archeology of cyberspace and musical artifacts that’ll leave your cold
robotic heart melting in the LA sun.

1. Bop
2. Ahoy
3. Astrognats
4. Iiicccccyyyymmiiiinnnttt
5. Scrapplefromtheapple
6. Wait4me
7. Marzbow
8. Krunchwrap
9. Circles
10. Well Available from 15.09.2017
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