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Saturday, Jun 17 2017 | 07:55
Image: 1610575 First ever vinyl pressing of archival recordings from 2011 by Tanning Salon (aka vaporwave legend Vektroid).

A1: Dunadd Hill 19:05
B1: Larsen Harbour 10:37
B2: Alcázar of Segovia 04:14
B3: Camelot Wanderers 05:38
C1: Penrose Steps (Dream Castle) 08:07
C2: Pandora’s Labyrinth 11:39

First ever vinyl pressing of archival recordings from 2011 by Tanning Salon (aka vaporwave legend Vektroid). This is not a “vaporwave” album however, as there are no slow-motion samples, instead it is an improvised stream-of-consciousness via cheap keyboards and drum machines photocopied to cassette. The mysterious vibe of these recordings will appeal to fans of Grouper’s more abstract early works. “Within six suites, you’ll be blissfully relaxed in a zone that’s only meant for serious drifters. Yet, a serious drifter is inside all of us. It’s just a matter of reaching that Dream Castle in your mind’s sky. The lack of directness in presentation, including the drift of the music itself, by-way of comparing it to that cool breeze that comes along and is easily as forgotten, the joyousness of memory is beheld by tones. No matter if these sounds are intricate or progressive or copied or [etc.], the memory of when-and-where stirs in listeners when releases like Dream Castle pop back up. As the conundrum’s pile in, think of Dream Castle exactly like the tan you gripped while feeling that cool breeze: as lasting as skin cells dying out, there’ll always be the digital age prepared to drift back into your life. You’ll always be able to come back to Tanning Salon’s waves of thought. Let freedom reign within the Dream Castle. We can all be attached in a state of URL minds. But most importantly, get yourself a good lax via Tanning Salon. You’ve come this far virtually. It’s time to kick up a heel or two, girl. “ C-Monster, Tiny Mix Tapes

FORMAT: DOUBLE-LP on METALLIC SILVER VINYL (Music on sides 1-3, Side 4 is an etching of a design custom-made by Vektroid for this release.)
PACKAGING: Wide-Spine standard LP jacket + download card Available from 28.07.2017
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