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Friday, Jun 02 2017 | 04:22
Image: 1609901 The Drum Library series, which began back in 2001, has prided
itself on compiling the hardest, crunchiest and most rarefed drums
from every source imaginable. We’ve held to this standard for over
15 years, providing professional producers & bedroom beat makers
alike with the largest collection of quality drums available today. In
short, the Drum Library series has become an industry standard.
The ever-expanding, go-to kit for beat makers around the world.
Now, with the conclusion of the series at Volume 15, you hold in your
hands, what will be the last vinyl incarnation of the Drum Library
These drums actually constitute what would have originally been
Volume 4 and 5 before the masters were initially thought to have
been lost in a ?ood that gutted the studio where, up until then, the
Drum Library series were made. Fortuitously perhaps, these last two
“orphaned” volumes were discovered safe & sound in a storage unit
just as Vol.15 was wrapping up. We’ve compiled them both here in
one special edition volume.
We hope you’ve had as much fun using the Drum Library series as
we’ve had making them.
Thank you for your support over the years!

A. Breaks
B. Breaks
C. Breaks
D. Breaks

• The last release in the Drum Library series
• The go-to kit for beat makers around the world Available from 14.07.2017
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