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Friday, Jun 02 2017 | 07:22
Image: 1610400 Since his untimely death at the all too young age of 32 the world has grown
to appreciate the work of J Dilla even more than when he was alive. There’s
an ethereal quality to Jay Dee’s works, part boom bap but more mellow.
Mellow, but never soft. And Dilla never stopped making beats, his MPC was
by his side until the very end. It now resides in the Smithsonian. Due the
prolific nature of his beat making, the world is blessed to have stacks of Dilla
material – some coming to light even this many years after his passing.
In the world of hip hop, no one’s mother is more famous that Ma Dukes. Go
ahead, name check Chuck D’s mom or Chance the Rapper’s mom or TI’s
mother – without hitting Google. And one of the reasons we all know
Ma Dukes is her tireless effort to maintain Dilla’s legacy. This release is yet
another step in that direction. Presented here, from the Official Ma Dukes
Collection, are 15 works by Jay Dee from deep in the vaults, being released
on vinyl for the first time.

A1. 367 • A2. 386 • A3. 369 • A4. 562 • A5. 663 • A6. 764 • A7. 865 • A8. 996
B1. 1067 • B2. 1069 • B3. 1070 • B4. 1071 • B5. 1072 • B6. 1073 • B7. 1074 Available from 23.06.2017
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