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Friday, May 19 2017 | 04:09
Image: 1609606 In 1999, the duo of DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice formed in Atlanta.
Squashy Nice is an accomplished beats producer, and DJ T-Rock
is a scratch-master responsible for battle records on the likes of
Bomb Hip-Hop Records, Stereo-Type, and Replicant Music Trading
Corp. Together they released three party-ready instrumental hip
hop albums for New Zealand’s Why Records label. Now based from
coast-to-coast (Squashy Nice in New York and DJ T-Rock in Los
Angeles), the duo has joined the Cold Busted family for their fourth
album, the satisfying seventeen track Back To The Essence.
Showcasing the variety and breadth that Squashy Nice’s beats and
samples and DJ T-Rock’s scratches can provide, the tracks on Back
To The Essence swerve from party rockers to soulful, thoughtful
numbers featuring vocals from New Zealand vocalist Miss Glue.
Among the standouts are the opening “Hit The Breaks”, combining
harmonica, ’60s style fuzz guitar, heavy beats, and some crucial
vocal scratches, “Let Them Be”, with Miss Glue’s lovely vocals
providing a counterpoint to acoustic guitar cut-ups, and “Watch The
Clouds”, featuring gentle piano, a loungey string section breakdown,
and wistful vocals from Squashy Nice. Back To The Essence should
be ingested whole, as its plentiful tracks radiate fun, funk, and good
vibes. It’s like a virtual block party dropping down wherever its cuts
are playing.

1. Hit The Breaks
2. Back To The Essence
3. Let Them Be Feat. Miss Glue
4. We Don’t Have To (Go Through Changes)
5. Get Loose Now
6. Gyro Genius
7. They Own Your Soul Feat. Miss Glue
8. Takin’ It
9. Satisfed
10. After It Rains
11. Pretty Girl Crooked Smile (Slick Mix)
12. White Boy In New York
13. Watch The Clouds
14. Say What
15. Word Usage
16. Relax
17. They Don’t Know (Follow These Steps) Available from 14.07.2017
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