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Tuesday, May 09 2017 | 06:58
Image: 1610073 There’s a certain transcendent magic that happens when two contrasting voices coalesce in
perfect harmony – think The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel or George Jones and
Tammy Wynette. Imperceptibly, they can raise you from the temporal to the spiritual in the
breath of a song, and set you floating among the firmament infused with a sense of wonder
– just like Sound of the Sirens. Exeter-based duo Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood dovetail
beautifully on their debut album, For All Our Sins, a beguiling acoustic pop collection
replete with lyrical sensibility. Already championed by Chris Evans – who declared himself
“blown away” when he heard Sound of the Sirens for the first time, and subsequently invited
them to perform alongside U2 and Take That on TFI Friday last year – they’re certain to
broaden a burgeoning fan base on the back of For All Our Sins. It’s a fan base built up not
just over several sublime EP releases – but also through their live shows, which combine a
natural facility for connecting with their audiences and unforgettable performances
predicated on energy, warmth, humour and, above all, real conviction. Sound of the Sirens
want to both enlighten and entertain, and they want to do it with euphony. For All Our Sins
accomplishes all of the above.

1. Smokescreen
2. Mr Wilson
3. Together Alone
4. Grow
5. Chaos
6. In This Time
7. Cross Our Hearts
8. Possibilities
9. The Voices
10. The Circus Available from 16.06.2017
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