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Tuesday, Apr 25 2017 | 06:38
Image: 1609865 Tucson, Arizona’s Crimekillz had an all too-brief history. Forming in
2008, singer N8NOFACE & producer Scumbag Tony released two
blistering synth punk EPs in 2010 (“Kills Kids”) & 2011 (“Never Dies”),
plus a great (delayed & generally unheard) album “Destroy Stress”
in 2013. A split 7” with (N8’s blood brother) Zackey Force Funk, then
one more self-released mini-album that year (“Slauson EP”) and
they were gone.
N8NOFACE creates the anticipated follow-up to his 2014 demo
compilation “The Dolo Tape”, with a new scripted collection entitled
“Stories Of Those.” Stories that are not commonly told are the stories
of those. Fourteen minimal wave post-punk tales from inside, creep
onto ill-lit streets and recede into a gloomy electronic shadow.
Our co-sign starts off by familiarizing us with his methods, only
to report “The scene is dead... the scene is soft... the scene’s not
real” on lead banger ‘Trucha’ (with accompanying music video &
collectible ?exidisc). Paying ftting tribute to the author’s narco-torius
former hometown with ‘Drugstore’, and with pledged devotion just
wants the kids to know ‘It All Goes Away’ (the second single & video).
Spectral Gonjasuf halfway-materializes from the aether blessing
some enduringly haunting bars on ‘Hello God’, however, disappears
just as fast, with the narrator taking exit close behind. In less than
thirty minutes the album ends, though with as much as you were just
told, explicit details remain dark and for the life of you cannot recall
actually seeing a face...

• Member of Crimekillz
• Vinyl is limited to 500 copies
• Vinyl housed in a screenprinted monochrome cardboard jacket
• colored vinyl

1. How Dirt Is Done
2. Promise Made
3. They Never Come
4. Trucha
5. It All Goes Away
6. RNJ
7. Myself
8. Drugstore
9. Shorty Escapes
10. No Bar Code
11. LFO
12. Hello God
13. We Machines
14. The Good Will Die Available from 19.05.2017
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