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Friday, Apr 21 2017 | 06:31
Image: 1609213 Building off the sultry electronic art-pop blueprint of her acclaimed 2013 debut 'Everlast', Perera Elsewhere returns with her sonically adventurous, dystopian second full-length 'All Of This'.

1. Something’s Up
2. The Other Side
3. Happened
4. Tomorrow South
5. Karam
6. Big Heart
7. Girl From Monotronica
8. All Of This
9. Shoes
10. Runaway
11. Weary

Building off the sultry electronic art-pop blueprint of her acclaimed
2013 debut 'Everlast', Perera Elsewhere returns with her sonically
adventurous, dystopian second full-length 'All Of This'. Written and
recorded in Berlin, Istanbul, and Mumbai over the course of three years, 'All
Of This' expands on downtempo rhythms and ornate organic/electronic
instrumentation with more attention to folding hypnotic, moody
atmospheres traversing trip-hop, avant R&B, and experimental folk.
A fixture between many disparate music scenes as an experienced yet
self-taught producer, Perera was an original member of Jahcoozi (B-Pitch
Control). She has participated in various collaboratory cultural music
projects in far-flung parts of the world with the Goethe Institut and has
taught people in Bangladesh how to use Ableton to try and create the kind
of musical world they feel to : anthropology, feminism, community, DIY
and empowerment through music are all thrown together to try and make
sense of the things that surround us.
A quiet tension haunts throughout the record's instinctual arrangement
and movement. Addressing increasing distrust and confusion towards our
political/economic systems, the album's smoky first single "Something's
Up" delivers a warning to open our eyes. Touching upon many timely
societal anxieties like wealth inequality the rise of parallel worlds / echo
chambers within society and people living in their own bubbles / gated
communities of the mind ("The Other Side"), ego/self-obsession
("Happened"), the constant noise of being continuously targeted by
marketing ("Weary") and dealing with all these pressures or even attempting
to understand our times ("All Of This"), this is a record that approaches
such weighty issues in a manner that feels deeply personal.
Using a hybrid of digital techniques, analog equipment (Buchla,
Korg MS20, Poly6, Monotron Delay) and organics (eg.trumpet and some
percussion), Perera Elsewhere arrives at an original sound spotlighting how
the soulful human element cross-polinates with technology and electronic
exploration. 'All Of This’ is raw yet sophisticated expression of an artist
trying to make sense of these dark times.

Key Points:
• Follow up to 2013’s ‘Everlast’ which received notable support from
Pitchfork, Vogue, NPR, Resident Advisor, Vogue Italy, Groove
Magazin, Dazed, Dummy Mag, The FADER and more
• First single “Something’s Up” received support from Pitchfork,
Resident Advisor, The FADER, The 405, Indie Mag, Indie Current
• “Something’s Up” Official Music Video premiered on THUMP
• Original member of BPitch Control’s Jahcoozi, with features on
Modeselektor record (FIFA soundtrack)
• Perera Elsewhere has contributed mixes to RBMA (Trainwreck Mix),
FADER, Groove Magazin, Solid Steel (Ninja Tune on NTS), EB
Radio (Electronic Beats), Dublab, KEXP and more
Press Quotes:
• “The music she made existed in some strange continuum
between Siouxsie and the Banshees and Massive Attack. Now, after a
nearly four-year hiatus, she returns with “Something’s Up,” an
ominously quiet piece of ambient pop.” – Pitchfork
• “Haunting, hypnotic, and criminally slept on..” – The FADER Available from 02.06.2017
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