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Thursday, Apr 20 2017 | 06:30
Image: 1609787 “I released the original 12” volume of FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH
BATTLE BREAKS way back in 1998, while I was living in Oakland
and then San Francisco during a time of incredible movement and
creativity within the suddenly exploding Scratch DJ scene.
The term “turntablist”, coined by DJ Disk, had yet to really catch on
outside of the Bay Area scratch fraternity. Having recently moved to
California from New York, Paul’s turntable aesthetics were strictly
80’s East Coast and was more concerned with “catching doubles”
(beat juggling) and overall party rocking. In other words, the science
of scratching was not something I was even contemplating.Needless
to say, I was completely amazed and overwhelmed with what DJs
like QBert, Shortcut, Apollo and Mixmaster Mike were doing.
It was also around this time that I had discovered that these guys
were giving a lot of play to an independently pressed beat record I
had made before leaving NY.“Fists of the White Lotus” was originally
on an instrumental EP I did with my mentor Joey T on his Empire
Records label (Beats Anonymous Vol.1). I remember when QBert
found out I had made that record. His immediate response was,
“Holy shit! I love that record!” I said back to him: “Can I quote you
on that?”
I pressed up the first couple of hundred copies of FIVE FINGERS
OF DEATH BATTLE BREAKS complete with a sticker on the shrinkwrap containing Q’s quote. Those first couple of hundred quickly
turned into a thousand. Then 3 thousand. Then before you know it,
Volume 2.And 3.And so on.
This record now is a nostalgic return to these days for me. A little
reminder of what made that time in history special for so many.”
- Paul Nice

Side Joey - Just one long scratch sentence
Side John - Fists of the White Lotus (Extended Edit) Available from 19.05.2017
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