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Image: 1609783 Jalal Salaam and ewonee’s Past Lives stands among the top releases of 2015. And in 2016 it sees a deluxe vinyl release via House Shoes’ Street Corner Music. The 2LP will be complete with all instrumentals, and an insert containing all lyrics. The urgency of these recordings is reflective of the times we live in. Jalal Salaam’s raps are a perfect marriage to ewonee’s production, eschewing contemporary sounds for an album incredibly well
balanced between tradition and progression. “This is one of the best albums I have heard in years, and I’m proud release what I consider a new classic from some of the new guard of New York City’s storied history of hip hop music...”

• Born in Mount Vernon, NY, Ewonee is the first signee of East Coast record label & producer collective, Beat Haus Records, and featured on Boiler Room (link here)
• Jalal Salaam is out of Ardsley/Dobbs Ferry NY, has collaborated with artists such as Ivan Ave and Fredfades and known for his radical, in depth, and emotionally free lyrical style
• This Deluxe 2XLP includes the full vocal album along with instrumentals and a lyric sheet
• “Best rap album I’ve heard in a long time..” -House Shoes

Side A
1. Rebirth
2. Contracts
3. Lotuses
4. Betta Believe It
5. Avatar
6. No Miracles
7. The World
8. Observe
9. Ragnarok
10. Earthlings
11. Emembering

Side B
12. Can’t Hide
13. No One Will Save You
14. Don’t Sell Yourself
15. Loose Ends
16. Timing
17. The Professional
18. Wonderwhy
19. Stuntman
20. Here I Am
21. Past Lives

Side C/D
Instrumentals Available from 19.05.2017
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