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Wednesday, Mar 29 2017 | 12:02
Image: 1609514 Mark's long awaited book and album arrives as a unique 10" vinyl gatefold. The package includes a 6 track album with two additional tracks and instrumentals available with a download code. The gatefold cover opens up to a photographic montage which houses the detatchable hand stitched book. The stories contained within chart Mark's earliest years of musical interaction on Tyneside before exploring the late 80's ...

Vinyl features tracks 1-6 plus tracks 7-13 via download code.

Mark Rae is the man behind one of the key UK music movements of the last 25 years. As a founder of the shop Fat City Records and the label Grand Central, Mark worked with some of the worlds biggest artists going on to earn several platinumm discs with his work as one half of the highly respected production duo Rae & Christian.

This project is a worlds first autobiography and album, the release is packaged as a gatefold 10 inch which opens out to the book held within. The 40'000 word book covers the author Mark Rae's journey through the music industry. It follows the creation and dissolution of Fat City and Grand Central Records, Rae & Christian and YesKing. The underground club scenes of Manchester, gang wars, success, failure, working with Bobby Womack, Jay Z and The Pharcyde. The project has been supported by Whosampled, DJ magazine, Vice and The Tate Modern. The artwork is exceptional featuring an historical montage throughout the inner gatefold sleeve. The music features guest vocals from Tony D who was a big influence in the original Grand Central Records sound, soul king Pete Simpson, multi instrumentalist Shawn Lee and Kate Rogers.

1 Trenton Tribute (feat. Tony D)
2 Don't Touch That Stereo
3 The Devil's Horns (feat. Shawn Lee)
4 The Get Over (feat. Pete Simpson)
5 Fleeting Moment (feat. Kate Rogers)
6 The Fishing Song
7 Rum Chipolata
8 Venice Boulevard
9 Trenton Tribute (Instrumental)
10 Don't Touch That Stereo (Instrumental)
11 The Get Over (Instrumental)
12 Fleeting Moment (Instrumental)
13 The Fishing Song (Instrumental)

Available from 07.04.2017
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