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Friday, Mar 24 2017 | 04:55
Image: 1609290 Friends of Friends present Clinically Blasé the debut album from M|O|O|N

1. Pilot
2. Time
3. Jon F
4. Episode One
5. Medium Cool
6. Alicia
7. The Fens
8. Episode Two
9. Leaning In
10. Finale

Quietly building an enthusiastic following with a steady stream of EPs and singles, M.O.O.N.'s debut full-length 'Clinically Blase' creatively navigates a wide range of emotive synthesizer music deviating from dancegeared tropes in favor of freer arrangements and lush instrumentation. While the rhythms are rooted in variants of house, boogie, and synth-pop 'Clinically Blase' never tips it's hand stylistically in any particular direction resulting in a playful balance of retro sounds and futuristic
ideas highlighting a deft melodic sensibility. Separated by interludes, 'Clinically Blase' is split into three sections that explore variations on similar themes and shared sounds recording live percussion, guitar, piano, and bass in addition to software instruments and classic analog synth gear.
The album's beatless opener "Pilot" signals departure with a vocal loop rendered aquatic over bright, ringing piano chords - sounds which make appearances again on the album's arpeggiating centerpiece "Alicia" and on the closer "Finale". The smooth "Time" unwinds with unexpected jazzy chords and expressive treated trumpet lifting it skyward. There are plenty of moments made for movement with the ecstatic drumwork and stratospheric pads of "Jon F", the bouncing 303 of "Leaning In", or the funky slo-mo arpeggiated disco roll of "Medium Cool". The sequencing ties together 'Clinically Blase' into a compelling journey, ebbing and flowing in energy, timbre, and tempo much like a thoughtful, continuous DJ mix.

Key Points:
• Composer on the hit video game soundtrack ‘Hotline Miami’ yielding 3 sold-out highly sought after EPs
• Previous press support from Resident Advisor, Self-Titled, Pigeons and Planes, Complex and more
• ‘Alicia’ EP includes remixes from The Juan MacLean, Sage Caswell, and David Scott Stone (of LCD Soundsystem), EP premiered on Self-Titled Mag
• Has toured Europe doing both live sets and DJing – most notably in Paris, London, Glasgow and Poland. Small European tour scheduled for May 2017 (Paris + Croatia)

Press Quotes:
“Eight minutes of hypnotic, swirling arpeggios from a master of the extended groove” – Resident Advisor
“Synth-infused, throbbing 80s-inspired tracks” – Rock Paper Shotgun
“A taste of what’s to come that never gets tiring despite the original’s 10-minute running time” – Self-Titled Available from 05.05.2017
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