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Thursday, Mar 16 2017 | 07:46
Image: 1609296 ATKR with his debut on Ta-ku's & Repeat Pattern's 10inch label BRRWD. BRRWD is a label collaboration between Ta-ku/ repeat pattern & Jakarta Records. AKTR (pronounced actor), is a beat maker from Yokohama city sampling primarily 80s funk. With his familiar yet subtly unique and fresh approach, AKTR is commonly loved by both more hiphop leaning loop heads, and serious connoisseur consumers of Vaporwave alike. He somehow manages to consistently contribute a high level of bliss to this sample/collage culture (or whatever you want to label it) in a quiet yet powerful manner from his humble Yokohama apartment. We are very excited to be one of the stops in his creative journey and hope you will hear what we are hearing.

1. ihavenothing
2. devonrex
3. positive afterimage
4. dowhatyoulike
5. youmakemelove
6. nextmovement
7. realclose
8. anotherplace
9. allnightlamp
10. illbethere
11. dustindust
12. giveitto(pray)

previous releases and work with:
woodman+hitachitronics label, New Masterpiece (Japan).
Turbo Tape Recordings (Italy),
fuzzoscope (Los Angels),
Mhz Music (Taiwan),
Hermit City Recordings (Yokohama),
Appearances and association with EN TOKYO and RBMA TOKYO.

Available from 21.04.2017
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