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Friday, Feb 10 2017 | 03:54
Image: 1608332 Gato Preto’s debut album „Tempo“ contains everything, what is exciting about the international club-culture: rockin Favela-Funk from Rio, roaring township-grooves from South Africa and Angola’s technoid electro-hybrid Kuduro. Sound creator & Gato Preto producer Lee Bass creates the basis for Femcee Gato Misteriosa and her portugese power-punchlines.

No matter if in some hip electro-shed of Paris, at Zakk in Duesseldorf or on an international stage at the "Nyege Nyege"-festival located on the river Nil in Uganda – as soon as the „black cat“, Gato Preto in english, comes along there is no escape.

Equiped with digital effect-devices and synthesizers, supported by african drummers and dancers, Gato Preto fascinate their crowd from the beginning til the end and convince everybody around that global bass-power and progressive grooves out of the world’s metropolises are un-stoppable.

„Tempo“ can be seen as an invitation to escort both global-bass-travellers on an imaginary time travel into the past and to join them finding and exploring their african roots.
All songs on the album „Tempo“ are composed as a 12-piece audio adventure of producer Lee Bass and Femcee Gato Misteriosa. Each song has its own story. Starting with „Moçambique“ dealing with the bloody colonial history of the country. „Dia D“ already has become a global dancefloor hymn and is an hommage to the track record of african pop music during the last couple of years. "Polícia“ is a collaboration with Ghana-rooted rapper Delasi and critizes worldwide police violence. "Barulho" is Favela Punk and was written with global bass buddy Edu K from Brasil. The song "Pirão“ searches for long forgotten traditions, cook recipies and african art of healing, interpretes those components in a modern way.

In the end Gato Preto manage the time travel „back to the future“. As open and self-confident Afro-Europeans they come back from the past to forcast new trends at the global pop sky.

1. A Luta Continua (Intro) 2:26 // 2. Moçambique 3:02 // 3. Dia D 3:31 4. Tempo 3:49 // 5. Pirão 4:02 // 6. Feitiço feat. Flore + MC ZULU 5:04 7. Puxa feat. BIZT 4:08 // 8. Polícia feat. Delasi 3:16 // 9. Pé na roda feat. Diamondog 3:58 // 10. Barulho feat. Edu K 3:46 // 11. Take a stand feat. Crooked Bois + Iche 3:28 // 12. Televisão (Bonus) 4:30

GATO PRETO on tour 2017:
17.02. Marseille - Connextion
18.02 · Paris - Petit Bain (La Ganzoü)
24.02 · Lübeck - Treibsand
25.02 · Hamburg - Sommersalon
09.03 · Gent - Vorruit
10.03 · Utrecht - Rimboe Riddim
24.03 · Berlin - Yaam!
13.04 · Praja (Kap Verde)
13.05 · Brüssel – Filmfestival Available from 24.03.2017
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