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Friday, Jan 27 2017 | 06:31
Image: 1608453 If there’s anyone who lives up to the concept of “Supply and Demand,”
its veteran producer, K-Def. With 4 full length projects and an EP with
rapper K.A.A.N. all released in 2016, he’s back with his frst offering
for 2017, In The Moment. So much has been and can be said about K
over 2 plus decades in the industry as one of hip-hop’s elite producers.
What else is left? Well, honestly K is not stuck on the accolades of
his past and he prefers to look at his art as “his best work is yet to
come”, even after so many monumental career accomplishments.
Recently, he was featured in Mass Appeal’s viral web series, Rhythm
Roulette, to great appreciation from longtime fans and newfound
acclaim reaching a younger audience previously unaware of his
brand. Capitalizing on buzz, K realizes that mass abundance is never
a bad thing as long as your product is good. So he continuously
assembles project after project, adding new chapters to his legacy.
A man of many tricks who guards his secrets, peers and record nerds
are often dumbfounded by many of the techniques K-Def exhibits
in his well constructed tracks. Never one to shun new technology,
many of his latest works show what can be done with sound when
software and a complex mind meet. However, as advanced as
K-Def evolves, he’s never abandoned his fundamental approaches
to beat production no matter what tools he applies. He’d rather make
room for both. With the invention of Akai’s MPC Renaissance, as
advertised, it put K in a tactile headspace of hardware before the
software it controls. Why stop there when K had bags of diskettes he
accumulated from his work on the classic MPC 60ii and the MPC 3000?
The nostalgic process inspired K to incorporate all this weapons to
make timeless current day music regardless of perceived limitations.
Creatives often refer to their optimal stride in coined terms like “”The
magic hour”” or “”In the zone””. Using all the tools and experience
at his disposal (mainly MPC’s), K captured his stride documented
in these generous 23 tracks. When asked about the album’s
background and composition, he said simply, (he) “was in the
moment”. It resonated and there you have it. K-Def’s new LP is titled
“In the Moment” so you’re “in luck” if you’re “in the know”.

1. Make It Twice
2. Come Back To The Funk
3. Got Into Something
4. Straighten It Out
5. The Next Level Lude
6. The Jazz Box
7. Is It Good To You
8. In The Moment
9. Mystic Ride Elements
10. West Coastin
11. Da Boom Groove
12. Can You Dig It
13. Do You Remember
14. Asian Funk Mood
15. A Different Breed
16. Drive Music
17. Then What You Want
18. Secret Squirel
19. On The Right Track
20. In Hong Kong
21. Nightmare On Ghettoman Street
22. Crusin In My Ride
23. The Mpc Jazz Encore Available from 24.02.2017
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