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Saturday, Jan 07 2017 | 08:56
Image: 1608115 Inspired by Ultraman and Norwegian nature, Torb the Roach and Floppy McSpace joined forces and cooked up their instrumental debut. The result, Tape Echo Gold Floppies. It tick-les your senses with low fidelity rhythms, time warping space echo, rare world spices and psychedelic field recordings.

Along with the project they’ve also released a 15- minute motion picture revealing the ex-traordinary story of how the record came to be, a dramatic piece involving ski accidents, black coffee magic and brutal fight scenes.

The album is a combination of beats from the SP1200/S950 combo as well as dubs & ef-fects from the Roland 201 Space Echo. Torb collects rare, obscure, world funk and rare groove records from India, Thailand, China & Japan. There are a bunch of dusty loops on the record made from his digs.

The cover design is a mix of hand drawn illustrations, pictures of equipment and a picture of Floppy McSpace by Ocht & Torb.

Track List:

A1. Svart Kaffe Jam
A2. Sykkel Rytmer
A3. En for Ultraman
A4. Østensjøvannet
A5. Tusen Baht
B1. Tokyo
B2. Tre Seks Fem
B3. Flyr Rundt
B4. Sløy Gange ingunderground/sets/torb-the-r oach-floppy-mcspace Available from 10.02.2017
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