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Monday, Jan 02 2017 | 14:08 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Sylford WalkerFinest roots anthems from the late 70ies by the legendary singer Sylford Walker newly compiled and re-issued with the seal of quality of the Glen Brown production and the King Tubby mix.

Available as 16-track CD-Digipak with additional 12-page booklet. The compilation set includes three 12Inch-Single mixes plus eight Deejay cuts by Welton Irie. Also re-issued is the LP-Vinyl, eight tracks including the three 12Inch-Single mixes (the longtime deleted Greensleeves longplayer from 1988 with cat#GREL199).

Sylford Walker’s heart-stopping 70’s roots anthems recorded for Glen Brown are rightfully regarded like holy relics of reggae. The “Lamb’s Bread” album gathers up these classic sides and once again makes them available for the roots disciples. Mixed by King Tubby at King Tubby’s, this remastered reissue also includes Welton Irie’s top-ranking “Ghettoman Corner” set riding many of the deep roots riddims (“Slaving”, “Glen Brown At Cross Roads”, “Cleanliness Is Godliness”) as featured on the Sylford Walker boomshots. “Lamb’s Bread” is the quintessential sound of 1970’s Jamaica. An album so full of roots, you may have to scrape the mud out of your amp after playing!

Tracklisting (CD):

01. Sylford Walker – Lamb’s Bread
02. Sylford Walker – Chant Down Babylon
03. Sylford Walker – Deuteronomy (12″ Mix)
04. Sylford Walker – Give Thanks And Praise To Jah
05. Sylford Walker – Cleanliness Is Godliness
06. Sylford Walker – Babylonians
07. Sylford Walker – Eternal Days (12″ Mix)
08. Sylford Walker – My Father’s Homeland (12″ Mix)
09. Welton Irie – Lamb’s Bread International
10. Welton Irie – Ghettoman Corner
11. Welton Irie – Black Man Stand Up Pan Foot
12. Welton Irie – Stone A Throw
13. Welton Irie – Wicked Tumbling
14. Welton Irie – Money Man Skank
15. Welton Irie – Greetings
16. Welton Irie – Unite

The album Sylford WalkerLamb’s Bread (Expanded Edition)” (Greensleeves) is going to be released January 13, 2017.

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