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Thursday, Nov 03 2016 | 07:31
Image: 1606747 "The full 33-minute, unreleased, psychedelic funk jam session by Memphis rhythm kingpins the
Bar-Kays, mixed directly from the original tapes. Contains bonus rhythm section instrumental and
booklet detailing the history of this never-before-heard version of one of Isaac Hayes’ most
famous songs by Hayes historian Bill Dahl.
Hayes was already a cutting-edge funk master at Stax Records when he accepted the
unprecedented assignment of creating a soundtrack for the 1971 action flick Shaft. At a time
when R&B songs routinely timed out at three minutes and under, Hayes’ albums for Stax’s
Enterprise imprint had been breaking new ground since 1969. His masterpiece Hot Buttered Soul
consisted of only four tracks, two songs on The Isaac Hayes Movement clocked in at a hair under
12 minutes, and one selection on his …To Be Continued stretched to 15:33.
But his epic “Do Your Thing,” one of the cornerstones of the two-LP Shaft soundtrack, outdid them
all. Occupying nearly the entire last side of the set, it concluded after 19-and-a-half grooving
minutes with the overdubbed sound of a needle scratching violently across a piece of vinyl. No
one knew that jarring ending masked the existence of another 13 minutes of “Do Your Thing.”
Consigned to the vaults, those improvisatory extensions—somewhere in between free-jazz and
psychedelic rock—were seemingly destined never to be heard. Until now."
Available from 25.11.2016
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