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Saturday, Oct 22 2016 | 11:18
Image: 1607136 Super Tight…is the second album from Hip Hop legends
UGK, originally released in 1994. The title of the album is
taken from its stand out single “Front, Back & Side to Side”.
Bun B and Pimp C (R.I.P.) were already on fire from their
debut album a few years prior but they perfected the
Southern Playa sound with this record. At the time of its
release Super Tight...was only issued on Cassette and CD so
it’s a must for fans and collectors to grab the vinyl now that
it’s available for the very first time.
The album kicks off with “Return”, which after a few snare
hits and the bluster of Pimp C’s voice it is clear to the world
- the underground kings are back. Countless tracks like
“Three Sixteens” (featuring DJ DMD), “Stoned Junkee”, “It’s
Supposed to Bubble”, “I Left It Wet for You” and the
previously mentioned “Front, Back, & Side To Side” all
perfectly showcase the chemistry between Bun B & Pimp C
over deep southern funk grooves. The production on this
album is stellar, all bass heavy and features Meters lead
guitarist Leo Nocentelli. Like their debut album Too Hard to
Swallow Bun B and Pimp C were ahead of the game, and
with Super Tight...they perfected it.

A1. Return
A2. Underground
A3. It's Supposed To Bubble
B1. I Left It Wet For You
B2. Feds In Town
B3. Pocket Full Of Stones
C1. Front, Back & Side To Side
C2. Protect & Serve
C3. Stoned Junkee
D1. Pussy Got Me Dizzy
D2. Three Sixteens Available from 18.11.2016
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